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Solar Asset Management Software

Gain solar-specific analytics, visualizations, and insights to improve O&M strategies and increase solar plant yield.

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Solar asset management software

Enhanced solar plant performance and solar asset reliability

Optimize your mixed-fuel fleet production with software specific to addressing solar plant challenges. Solar Accelerators enable on-site teams and regional/corporate personnel to remotely monitor assets, sites, and the fleet. Thousands of assets can be monitored simultaneously and observed within a clear, visual hierarchy.

Solar Asset Management - Visualize Asset Health

Anticipate failure and improve solar asset performance

Site performance can be easily analyzed with digital twins, machine learning, industry standard key performance indicator (KPI) tracking, and benchmarking based on asset condition and on-site weather. The site’s long-term maintenance strategies can even be informed by automatically categorized generation losses.

Solar Asset Management - Improve Field Dispatch

Reduce downtime and only dispatch teams when they’re truly needed

Automated, intuitive alerts provide context to any performance deviations. This makes deviations easy to investigate and validate before dispatching and retiring any issues all through one single interface.

Solar Asset Performance Management Outcomes


Explore and extrapolate data across 1000s of solar assets. Receive constant, industry-standard KPI tracking.


Get intuitive alerts on performance deviations for inverters, strings, combiner boxes, and trackers.

Field Dispatch

Easily investigate, validate, dispatch, and retire maintenance issues in a single interface.

O&M Planning

Categorize generation losses by asset type to improve forward-looking maintenance.


Benchmark site performance based on solar asset condition and on-site weather.

Operate from Anywhere

Enable remote monitoring of assets, sites and the fleet for site teams and regional or corporate personnel.

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