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Reliability Analysis Software

Provide operational visibility and analysis to help reduce asset failures, control costs and increase plant availability with APM Reliability software from GE Digital.

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Reliability Analysis Software

Identify bad actors and prevent unplanned downtime with comprehensive reliability analysis software

Reliability Analysis Software

APM Reliability

With APM Reliability, part of GE Digital's Asset Performance Management Suite, gain operational visibility and a comprehensive set of analytical tools to help reduce asset failures, control costs and increase production availability.


APM Reliability is designed to work across all assets (fixed, rotating, and non-rotating), all equipment types and manufacturers (GE and non-GE), and all industries—across the plant and across the enterprise.


For power generation, APM Reliability can also be paired with Performance Intelligence for thermal performance analytics to improve output. Learn more. 

Reliability Analysis Software Insights

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Ensuring zero surprises and downtime with predictive analytics

Understand how APM Reliability provides a robust, complete solution for complex asset performance management needs.

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How a Major Metals Company Improved to 93% Availabilty

Read how a major producer of pipes and railroad wheels saved millions of dollars preventing unplanned outages

Reliability Analysis Software Increases Operation and Equipment Reliability


Track lost production or generation events to identify opportunities for reliability improvement.


Model asset and system reliability with comprehensive reliability analysis capabilities.

Root Cause

Develop and retain best practices from an ever-changing workforce to continuously improve decision making.

Features of APM Reliability

Reliability analysis software

Predictive diagnostics


The SmartSignal predictive maintenance capabilities enable you to detect and prevent emerging equipment failures. driving improved reliability and O&M efficiency.

With SmartSignal, every piece of equipment is unique, as seen in its own historical data and our approach to monitoring its performance via Digital Twin technology. SmartSignal Digital Twin analytic blueprints are available for over 320 equipment types across OEM providers.

Meet the moment with SmartSignal predictive maintenance. An APM capability that enables you to detect & prevent emerging failures, improve reliability and O&M efficiency.

Root cause analysis software

Root cause analysis

RCA offers a systematic approach for determining the root causes of failures and developing meaningful recommendations to eliminate or reduce the impact of those events. By documenting the sequential events, evidence, and faults that lead up to a failure, analysts can make recommendations for improving assets, processes, and culture to keep the event from occurring again in the future.

Generation availability analysis

Generation availability analysis

Generation Availability Analysis (GAA) capability, integrates information from maintenance, operational, planning and financial disciplines to support generation reliability analysis and drive continues improvement strategies.


Designed to meet NERC's GADS reporting requirements, GAA extends beyond reporting to integrate your organizations reliability tools to streamline performance improvements.

Production loss analysis

Production loss analysis

Measuring production capacity in a standardized way allows plant owners and operators to decrease production losses, eliminate unclassified losses, take action to improve production, and compare production data across the enterprise.


The Production Loss Analysis (PLA) capability allows you to manage production goals, collect actual production values, track production events and impacts, and reconcile production targets. With robust analysis and reporting capabilities, PLA makes it easy to visualize production losses and their impacts so that you can accurately measure, analyze, and communicate production performance.

Reliability analysis software

Reliability analytics

Reliability analytics provides a comprehensive set of analytical tools to help better understand causes of asset failure patterns and the true cost of failure.


Understanding the historical costs, failure frequencies, and trends of production assets in a critical component of any asset performance management program.

Customers Using APM Reliability

Let GE Digital help you eliminate defects and prevent equipment failure

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