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Proficy for Sustainability Insights

Operationalize sustainability goals to reduce costs & risk

Proficy for Sustainability Insights

Drive energy savings & measurable progress on sustainability goals

Proficy for Sustainability Insights

Achieve operations visibility & AI-based optimization

Struggling to show measurable progress on your industrial sustainability goals while navigating operations demands?


Decrease operating costs and waste by linking plant-floor actions to your enterprise sustainability initiatives with Proficy for Sustainability Insights from GE Vernova.


Improve utilities/resource usage at industrial facilities:


  • Benchmark
  • Explain
  • Optimize


Deliver visibility into sustainability progress with persona-based dashboards and leverage IoT-fueled analytics to help optimize processes and equipment.

Industry analyst perspective

“Proficy for Sustainability Insights provides sustainability, operations, and digitization convergence by combining the proven Proficy software portfolio spanning the real-time plant floor, analytics and OT data management along with GE Vernova’s expertise in energy to operationalize and optimize sustainable manufacturing and reduce resource consumption, carbon emissions, and utilities spend.


"This can maximize productivity and profitability while simultaneously progressing each customer’s journey toward achieving sustainability, ESG and net zero goals.”


Craig Resnick, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group

Use resources more efficiently and effectively

Proficy for Sustainability Insights - Consumption

By integrating your operational and sustainability data, Proficy for Sustainability Insights can help use resources more efficiently and effectively – whether you have one plant or hundreds – and manage climate metrics required for regulatory compliance.


Operationalize Sustainability KPIs


Help improve resilience and savings by operationalizing KPIs across the plant and enterprise with the visibility, benchmarks, and actionable insights to improve both sustainability and profitability at the same time.

Sustainability Outcomes by Design

Decrease energy and other utility costs

Model and optimize usage in the context of daily operations events and priorities

Improve resource efficiency

Across the enterprise, enable automatic adjustments and identify best practices

Find hidden waste

Detect previously unrecognized patterns, variability in consumption, unnecessary usage, and other sources of wasted energy or utilities consumption

Accelerate action

Drive the right response to problems with persona-based dashboards and triggered alerts

Increase effectiveness

Improve troubleshooting and continuous improvement with visibility into the most impactful and practical levers to affect change

Operationalize goals

Advance both your industrial sustainability and operations goals by providing the right information to the right people for action and progress

Optimize resource usage in production context

Energy savings with cost Pareto

Monitor, analyze, and act in context


  • Monitor consumption of electricity, natural gas, water, steam, and other utilities used in plants – helping teams detect problems and intervene quickly
  • Combine consumption and operations data for context to help optimize costs, usage, and sustainability metrics together


Optimize with analytics


  • Use analytics to help continuously detect excess or unnecessary usage, variability, and other waste that otherwise go unnoticed
  • Calculate benchmarks for each unique configuration of process, product SKU, and plant to understand current performance relative to expected consumption rates or best demonstrated performance

“Context is crucial to identifying the highest impact actions to meet environmental targets while respecting operational constraints. With this new solution, GE Vernova aims to help optimize both production and environmental metrics simultaneously. We see how this creates pathways for manufacturers to operationalize sustainability strategies on the shop floor.”


Julie Fraser, VP of Research for Operations and Manufacturing, Tech-Clarity, Inc.

Decrease utilization and drive low-carbon production

Green House Gas Emissions Dashboard

Leverage data-driven insights

Use Proficy to help you move from reporting and monitoring to the right actions for improvement by configuring and deploying simple control rules or advanced optimizers to maximize resource efficiency.


The software is also designed to help you lower peaks in usage and cut wasted consumption by automatically adjusting control setpoints, recommending changes, or refining the sequence of process start-ups.


Find hidden opportunities such as switching off unnecessary equipment and optimizing the balance of support equipment including boilers, heat pumps, air compressors, and more.

Smart Energy, Water & Waste Management
Smart Energy, Water & Waste Management
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Better enable continuous improvement with dashboards, alerts & corrective action

  • Model performance relative to plant floor circumstances and events to help you identify the most impactful improvement levers
  • Visualize and collaborate using persona-based dashboards for faster, more targeted troubleshooting
  • Receive alerts to help drive corrective action when deviations arise or when usage exceeds targets or expected consumption rates
  • Pareto sources of resource consumption or carbon emissions by operational contexts such as product SKU, production team, time, or across facilities, lines/areas, and regions
Sustainability Costs Dashboard

Identify and act on co-benefits supporting both sustainability and profitability

Aligning operations and sustainability teams to overcome silos, Proficy can help you integrate and manage sustainability performance and production KPIs together, producing more holistic optimizations and creating visibility to tradeoffs and co-benefits that can reduce environmental impacts and costs.


By translating the impact of day-to-day activities to Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions, water usage, or energy efficiency, manufacturers can begin to manage these as KPIs – just like quality, productivity, and throughput.

Drive operations context

Provide process context needed to optimize resource utilization

  • Gain visibility into the most impactful levers
  • Attribute resource usage to products, assets, and events
  • Assess current performance against best demonstrated performance, considering specific process circumstances

Link operations & sustainability

Increase collaboration between Operations & Sustainability teams

  • Link sustainability metrics required by regulation to Ops performance management processes
  • Manage sustainability KPIs with the same rigor and routine as Quality and OEE
  • Optimize plants holistically, considering operations and sustainability performance

Show progress

Operationalize your industrial sustainability goals

  • Unlock daily management of Carbon Neutrality glidepaths
  • Provide the data quality and resolution needed to act and demonstrate progress
  • Gain plant-floor traceability on metrics such as Scope 1 and 2 emissions, water usage, etc.

Ready to see Sustainability Insights?

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