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Cloud MES

Increase throughput & quality with GE’s managed service, hosted in the cloud

Engineer using GE Digital HMI/SCADA software

Reduce manufacturing software costs by 30%* while accelerating time to value


Proficy Smart Factory – Cloud MES from GE Digital is a powerful production and quality management solution that speeds production and increases consistency.


This cloud-based solution manages both non-serialized and serialized production operations by providing insight into how products flow through the plant and integrating quality control.


Proven and developed for 25+ years with thousands of implementations around the world, GE’s leading Proficy manufacturing solutions are now available as a managed service, hosted in the cloud.


Choose cloud only or mix cloud and on-prem MES to meet your enterprise needs.


*Compared to on-premises MES solutions

Recognized as a Leader by 4 Analyst Firms

Accelerate time to value with a cloud-based solution


Cloud MES combines our proven Production Management and Quality Management modules, delivering capabilities developed in partnership with the world’s largest manufacturers to support their best practices to increase throughput, reduce variability, and ease compliance.


  • Reduce inventory costs, control the flow of product between equipment, and achieve product genealogy reports
  • Increase quality while lowering waste, scrap, and recall costs
  • Support Lean, Right First Time, Six Sigma, and other process improvement initiatives

Cloud MES software outcomes

Decrease costs

Reduce costs with a proven MES, hosted in the cloud – spanning your process, discrete and mixed manufacturing environment needs

Speed production

Increase operational efficiency with knowledge and control over real-time production operations

Ensure consistency & quality

Increase quality while lowering waste, scrap, and recall costs

Drive optimization

Improve performance and support Continuous Improvement such as Lean

Achieve visibility & collaboration

Drive precision with the ability to visualize, analyze, optimize, and execute with a closed-loop solution

Accelerate return & deployment

Achieve fast ROI with an economical, cloud-based MES solution

Optimize operations with proven Production Management & Quality Management software

Proficy Plant Applications 2022 | Production Management and Tracking software

Speed production & increase on-time delivery performance

Production Management


Define and revision control the route and operations required to make a specific product on a specific line.


Our Production Management module oversees production operations, including functions to control product flow between equipment, develop product genealogy reports, and make schedule changes to reduce excess inventory.


It supports production schedule execution and product tracking against scheduled completion times with adjustments to optimize efficiencies.


Ensure consistency & quality

Quality Management


The Quality Management module drives consistent quality in products, providing real-time trends, statistics, SPC, and notifications.


It integrates process, inspection, and test data from both manual and automated sources, and houses this information in one, integrated place – including support for 21 CFR Part 11.


Quality Management attaches operator comments, specifications, recipes, and procedure documents.

Cloud Manufacturing Execution Systems MES

Reduce costs, risk & downtime with SaaS

  • Decrease total cost of ownership with a cloud-based solution
  • Save 30% compared to on-prem solutions
  • Move from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Reduce risk with limited costs and faster value
  • Improve security with automatic updates and patches
  • Affordably implement MES regardless of company size
  • Boost MES deployment success
  • Improve visibility with global accessibility
  • Reduce on-prem infrastructure requirements
  • Eliminate planned downtime for upgrades and costs for IT/OT management staff on-site to manage MES
  • Achieve bidirectional scalability

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Proficy Smart Factory - MES Solutions

Let GE Digital help you maximize your throughput & quality