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Vegetation Management Software

Mitigating threats and strengthening the Grid with AI-based vegetation & asset inspection programs

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Visual Intelligence for vegetation management for utilities | GE Digital

A modern grid needs a vegetation management solution built around 21st century technology

Visual Intelligence
Visual Intelligence
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What is Visual Intelligence?

Today, global T&D utilities spend millions of dollars per year on vegetation management and asset inspection programs to reduce outages, increase compliance, improve safety, and reduce the probability of catastrophic events such as wildfires or major regional outages.


Driven by Artificial Intelligence, GE’s Visual Intelligence Platform optimizes these systems and processes and provides a holistic picture of the grid to help reduce the cost and complexity associated with traditional inspection approaches, while improving risk management and productivity.


Vegetation Management Software

Watch the Visual Intelligence demo

See for yourself how GE Digital's Visual Intelligence Platform can help you manage your vegetation inspection and maintenance.  Reduce your time to respond to outages and increase your customer satisfaction score. 


Watch the Visual Intelligence demo and imagine using this powerful tool in your operations.

Delivering the insight needed to make data-driven decisions

How to Drive Down Vegetation Management Cost

Data Drive Visual Intelligence Drives Down Vegetation Management Costs for Utilities

Data Driven Visual Intelligence

Vegetation management (VM) is a critical and expensive maintenance responsibility to protect transmission and distribution infrastructure. This white paper outlines the results of a recent survey of 36 major North American electric and gas utilities concerning their satisfaction with their current vegetation management programs and recommendations for improvements.

Analyze data faster and more accurately through AI at scale and automated processing pipelines

Supports the ingestion of all major filetypes

RGB, LIDAR, Hyperspectral, Multispectral, FLIR, allowing for the optimal blend of image types to drive the highest value through the core Vegetation Management and Asset Inspection use cases

Vegetation Management and Asset Inspection on the same platform

This allows for economies of scale and better coordination in the usage for utilities’ image and imagery data

Easy interoperability

Easily & Inherently integrates with Electric Office, Smallworld, and GE’s ADMS, reducing time, complexity, and errors in data transfer & Integration.

AI engine for auto-recognition & prediction

These built in artificial intelligence features drive automated identification of encroachment areas (driven by utility’s parameters) and asset defects with increased precision

User Access and SDK

The Visual Intelligence Platform is designed to allow Utility’s experts and Data Scientists access to the system to further refine modelling, key annotations, and advanced analysis

Faster Time to Value

Available today and through built in automation can deliver value quickly

Reinventing Vegetation Management

Reinventing Vegetation Management | GE Digital Webinar

Panel Discussion

Hear how leading utilities are leveraging technology and reinventing their business processes in this panel discussion hosted by Brian Hoff, VP, Product Management - Analytics at GE Digital’s Grid Software.  Brian is joined by several industry experts including Iliana Rentz, Head of Vegetation Management at Florida Power and Light Company.  Learn:


  • Why utilities are improving their inspection processes and survey data portfolio
  • Which new technologies support this improvement
  • What will happen if utilities don’t embrace this shift
  • What you can do right now to take the first step in your journey to reinvent your vegetation management program

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