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Digital Worker & Mobile Workforce Solutions

Securely extending operations to the field, enabling flexibility while increasing productivity and efficiency

Digital Worker for Power, Utilities & Telecom | GE DigitalDigital Worker for Power, Utilities & Telecom | GE Digital

Enabling field-connected operations and management for Digital Workers

As the ongoing push for digital transformation has impacted operations across power, utilities, telecoms, manufacturing and other industrials, the need for effective and flexible digital worker solutions has increased. The recent pandemic has accelerated the need for connected workers to be able to safely and effectively work outside the office or plant.  The new normal strengthens the need to decentralize operations while meeting reliability and regulatory requirements.


A shift toward a more mobile workforce that extends operations and management to the field leverages the inherent flexibility of digital workers to increase productivity and efficiency while helping keep costs in check. GE Digital's software solutions can empower your digital workers to meet today's demands.

Meeting the needs of the connected workforce across industry


Enabling remote workers while giving them visibility to the mission-critical systems that keep our transmission and distribution networks running


Keeping production moving with real-time monitoring and control access to plant operations

Power Generation and Oil & Gas

Remote/mobile operator access to essential on-site HMI monitoring and control functions and digital operator rounds.


Helping ensure communications remain open, even in extreme weather


Providing pilots with the data they need to better optimize flight operations and fuel consumption


From water utilities to renewable power generators, keeping teams securing in touch with critical platforms, building a world that works

Solutions for Power Generation and Oil & Gas

Remote Operations Command Center provides an actionable view of power generation assets

Remote Operations

Remote Operations Mobile Operator

Enables plant operators to leave the control room and maintain full plant control via a mobile device. Learn more. 



Remote Operations Command Center

Allows full plant control from either another power plant or a fixed location, such as a customer headquarters or trading desk. Learn more. 

APM Rounds Pro | Asset Performance Management and APM Health | screenshot

Rounds Pro

Field operators can easily collect data, observe conditions and make recommendations - guided by an intuitive and versatile application.  Learn more. 

Integrity Mobile Image

New: Integrity Mobile

Integrity Mobile enables improved and safer field inspections, connecting data collected to operations decisions. The Integrity Mobile interface gathers all relevant information and recommendations in a single dashboard, helping to improve outcomes and facilitating regulatory compliance across the enterprise.

Mobile Enterprise for Utilities

Break down barriers between the office and the field

Digital Worker & Mobile Workforce Solutions

Mobile Enterprise portfolio

Enable users to maximize the value of data and extends critical back office functions to the field, allowing office and field personnel to visualize and share network data and work tasks in real-time, agnostic of the mobile device or operating system in use.


Our Mobile Enterprise portfolio:


  • Improves field visibility: Direct field access to real-time network maps for all outage, switching and asset management work
  • Improves crew productivity by up to 20% Improvement in crew productivity and accelerated issue diagnosis and repair
  • Reduces switching error by. up to 75% Reduction in switching errors and associated safety incidences

Mobile Asset Management

Extending critical back office GIS functions to the field, enabling office and field personnel to visualize and share network data tasks in real-time, agnostic of mobile operating system. Providing enterprise applications specific to the electric, gas, water and telecommunication industries.


Mobile Outage Response

Improve operator and field crew outage response with enterprise apps that maximize productivity while allowing utilities to meet customer and regulatory demands for improved network reliability.


Mobile Distribution Optimization

Deliver on the promise of your real-time Advanced Distribution Management Solution (ADMS) with scalable and performant enterprise apps that streamline network management via field and control room collaboration. Empower utility field crews to solve current operational challenges while positioning your utility for a mobile-centric future.

Digital Energy's UX/UI
Digital Energy's UX/UI
Watch the Video

User Experience

GE Digital Energy's software now delivers an intuitive, predictive, and dynamic user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to enhance overall situational awareness.

Remote operations for Manufacturers

Remote operations: CIMPLICITY + Proficy Historian + Proficy Operations Hub

Remote Operations
Remote Operations
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Increase efficiency and productivity

Centralizing operations enables businesses with multiple locations or large sites to centralize operational views and enable remote access to information and control to support site operations – increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. 


Watch how a remote operator in New York can detect, investigate and address an equipment problem in Indiana in this demo. The operator observes that part production has stopped, drills down to the specific equipment with a failure, determines the issue, and resolves it – all quickly and easily!

Operations Hub screenshot | GE Digital | HMI/SCADA

Proficy Operations Hub

Proficy Operations Hub from GE Digital is a centralized environment to rapidly build industrial applications (data connectivity, aggregation and visualization), enabling improved plant operations through comprehensive information that’s easier to analyze and act upon independent of location.  


With Proficy Operations Hub, teams across all levels in an organization can increase operational efficiency and make better decisions based on real-time and historical plant-wide application data, including historian, MES and third party. Users can monitor, control, provide data entry, and perform analysis all through Proficy Operations Hub.


With Proficy Operations Hub, organizations gain a foundation for insights into operations and productivity, a critical step in the journey to digital transformation.

Webspace from GE Digital screenshot | HMI/SCADA extension

Proficy Webspace

Deliver advanced control and visualization over iPad, Android, and a Web browser.


Webspace from GE Digital offers an easy-to-use, full-featured Web and mobile client that enables you to extend, expand, and enhance your new or existing iFIX or CIMPLICITY applications systems from GE Digital. It enables full control and visualization over your company Intranet or secure Internet without the need to change or alter your software application and can be set up within minutes.


With Webspace, you can reduce costs, improve time to action, and expand analytic capability—driving sustainable advantages across all levels of your business, including management, operators, engineering, and IT levels.

iFIX HMI SCADA software by GE Digital | Highly extensible architecture | mobile worker screenshot


With just a glance, operators should be able to recognize which information requires their attention and what action needs to be taken. They need to know quickly what problems have arisen and how they can be addressed efficiently.


You can enable smart operators with proven and innovative iFIX HMI/SCADA, used by thousands of organizations around the world. iFIX, part of the Proficy family from GE Digital, leverages the latest technology to help deliver faster time to insight and greater efficiency for your operations while speeding time-to-value for system integrators.

CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA from GE Digital offers one of the richest HMI/SCADA feature sets


As a proven automation platform, CIMPLICITY provides true client-server visualization and control—from single machines to plant locations spanning the world—helping you manage your operations and improve decision making. Based on decades of GE's research and development, CIMPLICITY is the HMI and SCADA of choice for the world's largest organizations. For applications of all sizes, CIMPLICITY can help deliver faster response, reduce costs, and increase profitability.


Our latest version features integration with Proficy Operations Hub, facilitating centralized, remote and mobile operations to enable improved access to information and control to support site management, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Let GE Digital help you empower your digital worker and mobile workforce