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ROB-EX Scheduler

Achieve dynamic and effective production schedules in real time

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Optimize production with better planning

Scheduler from GE Digital | screenshot | Optimize production

ROB-EX Scheduler, part of the Proficy family, enables companies to create and maintain dynamic and efficient production orders in real time based on resources and asset capacity. This modular production scheduling system can be used as a complete standalone planning solution or integrated easily with ERP and MES systems.


ROB-EX Scheduler tracks actual measured production, consumption, waste, and yields and updates ERP and MES systems automatically. It also provides reports and analysis tools.

Improve operational efficiency with ROB-EX Scheduler

Reduce labor costs

Determine resources needed, scheduling down to minutes in a leaner operation

Optimize capacity

Valid schedules checked against finite capacity and material availability

Increase customer satisfaction

Improve capable-to-promise by giving reliable delivery dates

Better accommodate variation

Reschedule based on capacity changes, leveraging automated rules

Speed decision making

What-if simulation of scenarios improves and accelerates decisions

Increase collaboration

Combine local scheduling and central multi-site planning, allowing users to work simultaneously from the same plan

AkzoNobel: Transforming operations with ROB-EX Scheduler

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See how AkzoNobel used ROB-EX Scheduler and Proficy Plant Applications to increase capacity by 20%, decrease lead times, and improve traceability to better serve its customers.

Hear from ROB-EX Scheduler customers

We are very proud of the results customers are achieving with ROB-EX Scheduler software. Explore their stories.

Features of ROB-EX Scheduler

ROB-EX Scheduler from GE Digital | screenshot | simplify scheduling

Simplify scheduling with an interactive graphical view

By providing an interactive graphical view of the production plan across the plant, ROB-EX Scheduler enables planners to easily schedule and execute production orders then monitor the progress to ensure more efficient production operations.


It also combines local scheduling and central multi-site planning as well as enablers multiple users to work simultaneously from the same plan.


  • Decreases manual work through automation
  • Avoids use of spreadsheets and manual expedition of production order flow
  • Improves planning and scheduling operations
  • Keeps schedule up to date with a single view for all users
  • Provides automated tool for “what if” scenarios and impact on future orders
ROB-EX Scheduler from GE Digital | screenshot | simplify scheduling

Shorten lead times

ROB-EX Scheduler minimizes the effects that result from accommodating variations and enables rescheduling based on capacity changes. ROB-EX Scheduler provides automated rules and easy-to-configure routes and resources to offer an integrated view of plant resources. 


  • Optimizes production with better planning
  • Reduces production control firefighting
  • Delivers complete visibility for scheduling
  • Minimizes the impact production changes
  • Easy to use, visual and intuitive
ROB-EX Scheduler from GE Digital | screenshot | simplify scheduling

Facilitate product routings

By offering both forward and backward planning, ROB-EX Scheduler facilitates the configuration of product routings and resources (staff, materials, equipment) for short-, mid-, and long-term planning.


ROB-EX Scheduler helps users execute scheduling changes quickly and accurately to avoid planning errors and long lead times. It obtains orders and bill of materials (BOM) from the ERP system then optimizes and balances production plans with available resources.


  • Scalable from single user to enterprise
  • Integrates with other systems
ROB-EX Scheduler from GE Digital | screenshot | simplify scheduling

Prevent bottlenecks and material shortages  

Avoid delays by having ROB-EX Scheduler adjust resources in advance. For fully integrated solutions, ROB-EX Scheduler can also alert the ERP system to make the necessary changes in resources and materials.


ROB-EX Scheduler provides actual production, consumption, and events information plus the impact on schedule adherence. By better forecasting order completion times, ROB-EX Scheduler easily maps current situations with production schedules to optimize and meet customers’ expectations.


  • Integrated real-time tracking
  • Improve order completion forecasting
ROB-EX Scheduler from GE Digital | screenshot | simplify scheduling

Collaboration across teams

For information where and when you need it, ROB-EX Scheduler allows access through several clients. In addition to the Planner, ROB-EX Scheduler includes viewer read-only access.  Viewers have the same access as the Planner but without the ability to edit the plan. 


Viewers can:


  • View the latest plan
  • Search the order list
  • Zoom into operations
  • View and color code activities
  • Leverage Gannt chart viewer, work load graphs, color coding, order lists, and standard reports


Additionally, a Web browser application for iPads, tablets and smartphones allows the remote operator access to on-line job lists to monitor production progress, view the status of activities, and report on the status of each job, which updates the planner real time. This allows the planner to make on-the-spot adjustments and updates to the plan.


We have increased our capacity approximately 20% by using the GE software, especially the planning tool. We have less gaps between the process orders, which means decreased lead times for the customer.

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