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Solutions to help you drive operational excellence. 
Which of these industry challenges are you focused on solving in 2021?

  • Reduce O&M spend

    Reduce turnaround durations and optimize work scopes to maximize production time

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  • Mitigate operational risk

    Keep workers & communities safe, avoid regulatory fines and reduce insurance premiums

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  • Increase asset availability

    Avoid downtime with reliability centered maintenance and keep your operation running

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  • Boost productivity

    Use predictive maintenance that is actionable by teams tasked with delivering

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  • Reach operational excellence

    Combine strategy deployment, process excellence, performance management

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  • Reduce reactive maintenance

    Use predictive analytics and digital twins to plan maintenance

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GE Digital Named a Leader in Verdantix APM Solutions Green Quadrant

Verdantix, an independent industry analyst firm, named GE Digital among the top vendors in its Green Quadrant Asset Performance Management Solutions 2020 report. 


“When it comes to APM technology, several vendors offer functionality across multiple usage scenarios, but the reality is that more doesn’t always mean better. In fact, only two such scenarios are essential to APM: asset health monitoring and asset failure prediction. It’s here that GE Digital really rises above the rest, based on our detailed benchmark analysis they were the only APM vendor to receive a perfect score in both areas,” said Verdantix CEO David Metcalfe. “But these aren’t the only areas in which GE Digital sets the bar high. They also received market-leading scores for integration with industrial systems, inspection planning and solution architecture (assessed in terms of the range of deployment options, the consistency of the code base and the quality of integrated workflow).” 

Experience the future of Chemical Manufacturing

Preventative maintenance | chemicals | GE Digital software solutionsPreventative maintenance | chemicals | GE Digital software solutions

Interactive experience

Preventative maintenance, data analytics, and predictive maintenance strategies can help chemical manufacturers improve performance and reduce costs.  But data is often siloed in multiple systems with a low level of integration. 


Explore GE Digital's software solutions for the Chemical industry and see how you can digitally transform your chemical operations.

Experience how GE Digital brings simplicity, speed and scale to digital transformation


APM: The Cornerstone of your Journey to Operational Excellence

Explore how software can help you better operate, analyze and optimize business processes  


Put Data to Work

Transforming chemical operations with GE Digital

Predictive Maintenance Powered by Performance Digital Twins


Industrial AI in action

Using our APM software, Machine Learning and Digital Twin blueprints, GE's Industrial Managed Services centers monitor over 7,000 managed assets around the world.


Since its inception the IMS centers have helped customers avoid over $1.6 billion dollars in mitigating production and mechanical loss events.  Discover how predictive maintenance can be deployed as part of your reliability program.

Explore GE Digital's Chemical software portfolio

Digital twin illustration | GE Digital
Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Apply advanced analytics and machine learning to reduce operational costs and risks

Industrial Software

Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

Optimizing the performance of assets to increase reliability and availability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks.

Remote Operations for connected workers

Remote Operations is a packaged software and appliance solution that provides digital workers access to essential on-site HMI monitoring and control functions. 


"The pandemic and its economic impact have ignited and accelerated permanent operational changes across industries. A solution like GE Digital’s Remote Operations is needed to enable industrial organizations to adopt remote staffing, centralized and flexible resourcing, and autonomous operations.”

Kevin Prouty, IDC


Explore Remote Operations solutions