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CERius™ Emissions Management Software

Empower your energy transition with a clear picture of your carbon emissions.

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What is CERius? Emissions management software to confidently measure, manage, and operationalize your decarbonization strategy.

CERius™ is the system of record to automate accurate Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) data collection, provide valuable insights, and help you identify ways to reduce your carbon emissions. Powerful AI/ML programming enables you to:

  • Build your net-zero strategy and achieve commitments with confidence
  • Improve accuracy of scope 1 carbon emissions for gas turbine calculations by up to 33%
  • Gain a single, real-time view of emissions operation-wide 
  • Eliminate spreadsheets, guesswork, and late-night audit prep
  • Get precise accounting for carbon intensity

Don't just set targets. Manage to them.

collect carbon emissions data


Seamless data collection, cleaning, and aggregation.

  • Employ scalable data architecture for scopes 1, 2, and 3
  • Normalize data with standard GHG reporting and other frameworks
  • Perform data reconciliation and analysis
  • Automate asset alerts and notifications
  • Perform flexible audits with carbon ledger
Monitor Carbon Emissions Data


Powerful visibility into emissions data.

  • Track progress on intuitive dashboards
  • Visualize emissions data for clearer insights
  • Explore user-based views and timelines
  • Gain predictive analytics and insights
Report Carbon Emissions Data


Automated carbon and emissions accounting and auditability.

  • Improve team collaboration with process views by site, unit, and asset type
  • Manage reporting schedule, track progress and events
  • Emissions and compliance based on GHG protocol requirements
  • Reduce inefficiencies with benchmarking and trends
Carbon Emissions Strategy


Insight-driven decarbonization target planning and projection.

  • Define reductions goals and targets
  • Identify and manage project risk
  • Track and compare baseline scope emissions YoY
  • Identify trends and patterns using machine learning and digital twins

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News Release for Carbon Emissions Management Software
News Release

GE Vernova Announces AI-Powered Software for More Accurate Carbon Emissions Data and Strategic Recommendations

New software is designed to empower energy industry to measure, manage, and operationalize insights to help reduce carbon emissions more accurately.

Reuters Report: State of Carbon Emissions Reporting
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The State of Carbon Emissions Reporting

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Webinar: Reuters on State of Carbon Emissions Reporting

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Customer Centric Innovation

The Path to Net-Zero Emissions with AI-Driven Energy Software

The path to reducing carbon emissions starts with measurement and understanding.

GE helps generate 25% of our planet’s electricity.

No other emissions management software vendor understands emissions like we do. 


Don't just set targets. Manage to them. 


There are increased pressures from regulatory bodies, investors, and companies that have made public net-zero commitments which require more rigor to disclose accurate emissions data. Companies look to carbon emissions management technologies like GE Vernova’s CERius software to help improve scope 1, 2, and 3 data accuracy and reporting, in addition to measuring abatement planning strategies.