What is a digital twin?

Digital twins, built on Predix Platform, provide a software representation of a physical asset. Digital twin technology enables companies to better understand, predict, and optimize the performance of each unique asset. A digital twin can represent an individual asset, an integrated system of assets, or a fleet of assets.

Digital twin diagram to illustrate digital twin technology for predictive asset maintenance

Removing barriers to insight and innovation

Digital Twin asset lifecycle | GE Digital

Digital twins are typically used in applications for maintenance and equipment health, predictive maintenance as well as operations and performance optimization.

Asset manufacturers and operators can uniquely leverage digital twins, built on Predix Platform, to represent the lifecycle of assets and systems across design, build, run, operate, and service phases, removing barriers to insight and innovation.

Three elements of a digital twin


Asset model

An asset model that describes the asset structure and components often expressed as a hierarchy.



Analytics that predict, describe, and prescribe the behavior of the asset in addition to enabling automated behaviors.


Knowledge base

A knowledge base of asset data (eg time-series data) and derived insights (e.g inferred relationships).

Digital twins in action

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