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Advanced Distribution Management Solutions (ADMS)

Going beyond traditional distribution management systems, ranked #1 by Navigant Research.

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GE Digital ADMS software assists transmission and utility customers

Navigant Research names GE Digital #1 as the leader in their ADMS Leaderboard report.
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Future of the Electric Grid

Every day, management of the grid becomes more challenging. The distribution network is becoming progressively dynamic, complexity is increasing and the volume of data that utilities need to understand and integrate continues to grow. 


GE’s DER-aware ADMS moves beyond the traditional bounds of SCADA, DMS and OMS and provides software for the safe and secure management and orchestration of the distribution grid. Our solutions deliver reliability, productivity, and efficiency through a modular architecture, adaptive algorithms, predictive analytics, and a brilliant user experience. GE’s ADMS software supports our customers’ journey towards predictive and autonomous operations, and an optimized distribution grid.

Native Interoperability

GE is the only vendor with proven solution breadth and depth, the industry experience and technology expertise to provide electric utilities with end-to-end Distribution solutions. GE’s Native Interoperability spans across the software portfolio (EMS, ADMS, GIS, Mobility and Analytics) and provides utilities with a unique alternative to highly customized and complex interfaces, significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

Additive Distribution solutions include:

Electric Office

GE’s ADMS together with Electric Office delivers a single source of truth about the network model across the distribution business - from planning through design, construction to operations, analysis and maintenance. This harmonized network model and integrated workflow provides the accurate and up to date network connectivity model needed for making safe and secure operational decisions and driving a proven power flow for all your advanced distribution application needs.

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Mobile Enterprise

Extending GE’s ADMS out to the field with Mobile Enterprise empowers digital mobile workers, breaking down silos across the enterprise through efficient data sharing and integrated workflows between the control room, back office and field crews. By providing for both operational and non-operational use cases, improved safety and situational awareness will significantly increase efficiency, while reducing downtime and lowering risk of human error.

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Grid Analytics

Leveraging our data fabric, GE’s ADMS combined with Grid Analytics enables grid operations to drive new business value and outcomes from real-time, historic and forecast data across the distribution business. GE’s Grid Analytics not only delivers additive predictive insights, but also drives better operational performance through a growing suite of customer use cases for advanced simulation and network level optimization. 

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GE’s DER-aware ADMS enables electric utilities to meet customer expectations of a reliable and resilient distribution grid via next-generation control and optimization capabilities. The solution spans and connects Distribution Optimization, Outage Response and DER Orchestration.

Distribution Optimization | GE Digital | ADMS

Distribution Optimization

Building on traditional SCADA and DMS functions with advanced applications that are both adaptive and optimized in their objective functions. Enabling utilities to make greater use of automation as a solution for solving growing grid complexity.

Storm assist response software | GE Digital | Screenshot

Outage Response

Already demonstrated as a benchmark for outage management and proven to perform through the worst of storms. Now expanding beyond traditional centralized OMS functions, adding mobility, damage assessment and moving towards predictive analytics to reduce and minimize disruptions from outages seen by utilities.

Distributed Energy Resources | screenshot | GE

DER Orchestration

Turning the threat of DER into an opportunity. A DER-aware ADMS is not only fundamental to safe and secure operations in the future, it’s an opportunity to unlock DER flexibility through better forecasting and orchestration.

ADMS Webinars: Learn from the experts

GE software for utility companies helps maintain efficient power operations
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Protecting Grid Resiliency using Centralized FLISR at PPL

Learn how PPL integrated FLISR into their system to maintain 50,000 miles of power lines and nearly 1 million poles.

ADMS Advanced Distribution Management Systems for the Electric Grid
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Technical Overview and Demo of GE’s ADMS

GE’s latest ADMS, featuring Distribution Optimization, Outage Response and DER Orchestration.

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Optimizing Operational Performance at Energy Queensland

Learn how Energex’s ADMS implementation optimized the Energy Queensland real-time systems.

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End-to-end DER Orchestration at Stedin

Learn how Stedin is managing and orchestrating DERs in an end-to-end manner.

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Network-based GIS and ADMS Integration: Delivering a Single Source of Truth

Learn how integrating a utility’s ADMS and GIS systems delivers network model orchestration.

Utility engineer with GE mobile ADMS application | GE
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Mobile Solutions for ADMS: A Better Future for Distribution

Learn how to increase operator and crew productivity while empowering field crews.

Powering the electrical grid | GE Digital
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Network-based GIS & ADMS Integration at Energy Queensland & Top Energy

Learn about these companies journey to deliver a consistent, shared network model across the enterprise.

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Extending Situational Awareness & Control to the Low Voltage Network at i-DE

Hear about i-DE's journey to extend situational awareness and control down to the LV network.

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ADMS for Today's Complexities
ADMS for Today's Complexities
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ADMS For Today's Complexities

GE's Dave Daly speaks to how GE has combined SCADA, distribution, outage and DER management, along with mobility to help distribution operators solve pressing challenges.

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Dutch DSO Stedin
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