Experience Asset Performance Management (APM)

Deploying an APM solution is the foundation of building a highly efficient organization with a limited risk profile. Across energy organizations, including renewables, GE Digital's APM can support critical work processes. This Demo Experience provides a glimpse into the power of APM.

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3 Challenges Energy Companies Face

We Hear 3 Common Challenges

Your Organization Requires Balancing These Three Areas


of our effort is in gathering and aggregating the data

We don't know which cuts push us over our risk tolerance

Budget Savings
Risk acceptance
Highest value strategies


of our failures are not time-based
Slow aging
Constant random failure
Best new
Worst new

Achieve Your Objectives

Our APM solution can help your organization solve for Enterprise-wide or niche problems. We integrate and action data from (EAM/CMMS, IT/OT. Historian, and other business applications). This gives you a view from the site to the boardroom of what's most important to you.

APM Continuous Improvement Framework

Your journey to getting the most out of your software investment requires adoption and usage of the solution. With our Continuous Improvement Framework, we develop our APM to fit your needs and accelerate operational excellence.

Experience Asset Performance Management (APM)

Join a team as they investigate a problematic pump using APM, helping them identify and visualise criticality of all types of assets. This enables the team to prioritize the right strategies and or predictive technologies for High, Medium and Low criticality assets.

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