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Industrial Internet at Work: Capitalizing on Disruption in the Automotive Industry

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Industrial Internet at Work is a new video series from GE Digital that takes an in-depth look at how automotive companies can accelerate their digital transformation and remain competitive through the disruptive changes that are shaping the industry. 

Slow down automotive challenges

Improve inefficiencies

With uncertain growth expected across the automotive industry, manufacturers need to focus on efficiency and automation. By breaking down information and data silos, automotive manufacturers can tap into previously unused or underutilized data, speed operations, and produce vehicles and parts faster and with greater precision.

Optimize production and quality

With a lack of real-time information—from the plant floor to C-suite—it can be difficult to see critical information in time to accommodate market shifts or customer demands. By implementing effective digital industrial applications, personnel can gain deep visibility in complex work processes—enabling more data-driven insights, tighter control of production quality, staffing, and predictive maintenance scheduling.

Reduce unplanned downtime

Tracking the performance and health of equipment optimizes maintenance, in turn, making these assets more reliable and available for use. By keeping equipment and production lines up and running, auto manufacturers will see better end production and reliability.

Road to innovation

Road to Innovation: Digital Excellence in the Automotive Industry

Digitizing factories could drive $160 billion each year in global productivity by 2023. Despite the potential, only 4% of auto manufacturers have reached digital excellence.

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Industrial Apps

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