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Volvo Car Engine: Our MES Journey – Building for the Future


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Automotive industry


Proficy Plant Applications, CIMPLICITY, Proficy Workflow, Proficy Webspace

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Proficy Smart Factory - MES Solutions, Proficy Historian, Proficy HMI / SCADA

Building for the future was the intent when Volvo Car Engine started the development of a new MES, built on GE Digital Proficy solutions, for the new engine plant in China.  


Learning from the first experiences, the  solution and the way of working were developed, and the software  was then deployed in the Swedish Engine plant. Shortly after, the improvements were rolled back to the China plant and deployed with zero production downtime.


Learn more about how the business targets, teamwork and involvement from the shop floor played important roles on the way to a global solution and how Volvo Car Engine looks upon the future.


Note: Volvo Car Engine worked with the GE Digital Professional Services team for a solution that includes: Proficy Plant Applications, CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA, Proficy Historian, Proficy Workflow, and Proficy Webspace.


About the speaker

Oscar Svensson, Global Program Manager for MES Solutions, Volvo Car Engine


Oscar Svensson is the global program manager for the MES solutions at Volvo Car Engine. With plants operating in China and Sweden, one of the responsibilities is to drive standardization and common solutions as well as supplying a platform for quality assurance, data collection and traceability. With a background in logistics, Oscar has been a part of the MES Journey within Volvo Cars Engine since 2016. He holds a diploma in economics and logistics from the University of Gothenburg.


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Volvo Car Engine | MES Journey | GE Digital MES Software
Automotive industry

Volvo Car Engine: Our MES Journey – Building for the Future

Volvo Car Engine in China built for the future with a new MES, using GE Digital Proficy solutions.  Learn about their MES journey.

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