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General Motors: Redefining Today's Manufacturing Technology for Tomorrow’s Customer

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Automotive manufacturers continue to face extreme disruption on multiple fronts and time horizons. A global pandemic resulting in component shortages, demand for personalization, the shift to electrification and the resulting race for market share, as well as sustainability expectations, will shape which brands dominate the future and which fade into history. 

A foundation for the leaders will be building flexibility and speed on their production lines with software technologies. However, most manufacturers are still on the road to digital transformation, with paper-based processes being common place, work silos and the related data islands, and a disconnect between IT and OT systems.

This webinar focuses on the path General Motors is taking to secure their future, by redefining its manufacturing technology today. This shift involves designing a converged architecture spanning OT and IT systems, driving simplicity and better visibility across operations with a unified technology stack, and a focus on building a digital thread across operations. 

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GE Digital Predix Software for Asset Performance Monitoring

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The automotive industry is facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty. You are challenged to grow profits, increase market share, and build customer loyalty in the face of slowing demand and while investing in new technologies like electrification and autonomous vehicles.  


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