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Predix Asset Performance Management for Power Generation

Improve plant reliability and availability while reducing O&M costs

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What is Predix Asset Performance Management?

APM software from GE Digital, mobile device screenshot

Optimizing plant operations

Predix Asset Performance Management (APM) is a suite of software and services designed to help optimize equipment reliability and O&M efficiency across the plant and the entire fleet. Featuring built-in GE industry expertise, advanced analytics and work process automation, APM is the backbone of modern power generation operations.


APM’s rich functional pillars for Health, Reliability and Asset & Maintenance Optimization are available both as a cloud-based service on the Predix Platform (Predix APM) as well as on-premises software (APM Classic). 

Rapidly reduce cost and risk from industrial reliability and maintenance work processes

Introducing Predix Asset Performance Management 4.4, using Digital Twins, advanced visualizations and improved connectivity. 
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GE Digital Recognized as a Leader in Green Quadrant Asset Performance Management Solutions 2020 Report
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Optimizing equipment performance and plant operations

APM Customer Voices
APM Customer Voices
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Hear from our customers

Power Generation companies using existing APM solutions enjoy availability / uptime increases of up to 20%; with O&M cost reduction up to millions of dollars per year


Listen to our customers as they discuss how APM helps with proactive management of assets to help reduce costs and risk.

Enable continuous improvement


Reduce unplanned downtime and increase availability and reliability by helping to ensure critical assets and systems are monitored and protected from emerging threats.

Improve productivity

Improve workforce productivity by prioritizing maintenance based on criticality and cost (condition-based), rather than schedule-based maintenance practices.

Manage risk

Protect the health and safety of employees, the environment, and business objectives, by reducing asset-related incidents and unplanned downtime.

Predictive maintenance

Reduce costly emergency repairs by detecting problems early, turning unplanned downtime into planned/scheduled downtime.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Reduce TCO delivered via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, providing flexibility and access to business insights where it matters—with edge, cloud, and hybrid configurations.

Faster time-to-value

A standardized way to connect machines, data, and people with a consistent interface for superior user experience, dynamic scalability, and extendibility to grow functionality as business needs evolve.

Drive Results with Predix Asset Performance Management for Power Generation

Digital twin blueprints shown in APM reliability screenshot from GE Digital

Comprehensive asset health monitoring

APM Health Manager provides a unified comprehensive view of asset health, featuring drill-down views of performance data, alerts, performance KPIs and more. Dashboards are powered by APM’s robust OT/IT data collection, EAM/CMMS integration and policy rules engine. For manual data collection, APM Health includes APM Rounds – a versatile mobile application that guides and digitizes data collection and other O&M activities.

Root cause analysis screenshot in GE Digital APM Reliability software

Analytics-driven asset reliability

Featuring rich Digital Twin blueprints and SmartSignal machine learning analytics, APM Reliability provides visibility and analysis of asset performance, trends and predictive alerts. With built in workflows for root-cause analysis, reliability management and collaboration, APM Reliability allows operators to proactively detect and correct emerging issues while driving long term performance improvements.

Lifecycle costs analysis (LCA) screenshot from APM Strategy software by GE Digital

Optimized asset & maintenance strategy

With features including criticality and risk analysis, lifecycle cost analysis, EAM integration, RCM, and FMEA, APM Asset & Maintenance Optimization (AMO) allows you to build optimal O&M strategies with full views to availability, reliability, risk and cost factors. By packaging pre-built GE industry expertise with the rich functionality of the standard APM Strategy module, AMO can help you to rapidly meet your operational and business goals.

Asset Performance Management workflows | GE Digital

Standard O&M workflows with built-in GE expertise

APM is built to drive standard power generation processes from O&M workflows to strategic planning. These functions and workflows feature rich pre-built content from our decades of experience in both APM software and managing over 40% of the world’s electricity generation. Pre-built content for 100’s of common assets includes:


  • Predictive analytics
  • Health indicators
  • Alerting policies
  • Failure modes
  • PM strategies
  • And more…

Built on the Predix Platform

Predix Essentials is the foundation layer of APM, packaging core features of the Predix Platform for the APM customer. Beyond secure data connectivity, processing and storage, Predix Essentials provides rich user features such as dashboarding, analysis, alerts, cases and policies that are seamlessly integrated into the APM user experience.

Learn about Predix Essentials

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Predix Asset Performance Management

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Predix Asset Performance Management

Building a Better Utility Future with APM

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