Reduce Risk, Lower Inspection Costs, And Manage Compliance With GE Vernova’s Mechanical
Integrity Application

Are you able to identify the current risk levels of your existing fixed assets? Can you profile asset degradation mechanisms and containment threats? Is worker safety a key focal point for your organization? Do you have a scalable and sustainable Mechanical Integrity in place?

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GE Vernova’s Mechanical Integrity Application will help you

Optimize your inspection strategies using risk-based inspection methodologies

Improve inspector productivity and worker safety using mobile technologies and contextual awareness tools

Facilitate dynamic risk evaluation; re-analyze integrity risk, based on real- time data, field information and intelligent actions executed on pre-defined conditions

Solution Overview and Value Proposition

Designed with enhanced mobility, contextual visualization, and dynamic risk evaluation, our Mechanical Integrity application (part of GE Vernova’s Asset Performance Management solution) offers customers a comprehensive, scalable, and sustainable solution tailor-made for their fixed asset mechanical integrity programs

Comprehensive and Scalable Enterprise Solution

  • Four modules that are aligned to the key needs of a Mechanical Integrity Program
    • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
    • Inspection Management
    • Thickness Monitoring
    • Compliance Management
  • Ability to integrate mechanical integrity and inspection initiatives across an enterprise. (Includes integration with EAM/CMMS systems)
  • Compliant with American Petroleum Institute (API) standards 580 and 581

O&G Expertise and Focus

  • Designed to support large-scale inspection programs in the O&G industry (includes corrosion and thickness measurement programs)
  • Solution caters to daily users such as RBI analysts, corrosion analysts, planners, inspectors, and contract firms
  • Applicable to a diverse set of stationary equipment, such as pipelines, piping, vessels, exchangers, tanks, boilers and more

Mobility and Contextual Awareness

  • Smarter means to collect and visualize inspection data
  • Ability to capture inspection data using mobile devices (Integrity Mobile app) improves worker productivity
  • 2D and 3D Visualization facilitates greater situational and contextual awareness of the fixed assets
  • Specific to 3D visualization; risk, corrosion and thickness data can be presented both digitally and graphically on the respective 3D models

Built For Dynamic Risk

  • Evergreen your Mechanical Integrity program: Automatically re-analyze integrity and safety risk, based on data from field inspections and process historians to ensure strategies are adjusted to mitigate failure risk
  • Integrity Operating Window (IOW): A reliable, scalable and dynamic risk evaluation tool that allows users to visualize the risk profile of their critical asset and make swifter and intelligent actions

Verdantix GQ Report

Did you know that GE Vernova’s Mechanical Integrity application received the highest rating (2.7/3.0) amongst all the other APM vendors in the Verdantix GQ Report.

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3D Visualization

Enhance contextual and situational awareness of critical assets. Through GE Vernova’s partnership with Visionaize, Mechanical Integrity applications such as Risk-based Inspection (RBI), Inspection Management and Thickness Monitoring now include enhanced 3D visualization capabilities for critical fixed assets in the plant.

  • Ability to have risk, corrosion and thickness data presented both digitally and graphically on the respective 3D models

  • Enhances decision-making ability of daily users such as inspectors, planners, technicians, and corrosion analysts


Saved annually in inspection costs

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Improvement in mean time between failures

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Saved annually with Risk Based Inspection

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Learn how you can optimize your inspection strategies using risk-based inspection methodologies, improve inspector productivity and worker safety and facilitate dynamic risk evaluation.

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