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Performance Intelligence with Reliability

It’s not just about base load thermal performance anymore. Performance Intelligence with APM Reliability is your partner in meeting your plant and fleet performance goals.

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Intelligent Performance | APM | GE Digital

Changing operating modes for thermal plants require flexible op mode monitoring and plant level diagnostics to ensure performance is maintained to minimize costs and improve output even as cyclic operations increase.



Eliminate Defects and Prevent Failures

Balance reliability, availability and maintainability

Take the guess work out of maintenance planning options for high availability.

Reduce operating costs

Understand the costs of having asset not performing to its peak potential.

Combine people, process and technology

Address RAM issues by combining resources.

Improve fuel savings and empower your teams to maintain asset economic expectation with an asset reliability and thermal advisory solution for data driven decision making.


Read how SPE attains reliable, safe and efficient power generation in this Verdantix report.


Maintain your plant at optimal efficiency

APM Reliability software from GE Digital, screenshot for reliability analysis and predictive analytics

Performance Intelligence with APM Reliability

Combine the power of a highly flexible, easy to use thermal performance application, with APM’s superior analytic power to deliver a holistic problem-solving solution.


  • Advanced thermal modeling across the entire load range, with actionable recommendations
  • Analytics for over the entire operating range with actionable recommendations
  • Fully integrated data streams into your work management process
  • New Analytics for economic predictions, and what if simulations


Talk to a GE Digital Team member today to learn how GE Digital works with your teams step by step, from implementation to deployment, to ensure your teams can use the software.

Combine your expertise with ours

Your thermal and equipment performance is only as good as the expertise behind the automation. GE’s extensive knowledge in power plant construction and design delivers reliable insights to help your plant staff make data-informed decisions that ensure the maximum performance of the plant is optimized to execute to the mission. ​

Let GE Digital help you optimize your operations