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Outage Planning & Analytics

Plan, schedule and execute cost effective plant outages

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Outage Planning and Analytics software for gas turbine power generation | GE Digital

What is Outage Planning & Analytics?

Outage Planning & Analytics (OPA) is a unified application to plan, schedule, and execute plant outages. Using comprehensive data, analytics and tools, cross-functional teams can build optimal programs that execute on time. Developed jointly with a leading generation company, OPA directly addresses the goals of minimizing outage costs, duration and revenue loss. OPA is available today for Nuclear Power Generators and will be expanded for other plant types and industries.


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OPA can save nuclear operators $ Millions per outage
y reducing outage duration by 10% or more

Benefits of Outage Planning & Analytics

Complete program management

Provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to plan, schedule, and execute outages and turnarounds

A single source of truth

Integrates data from any source and system, e.g., EAM, eSOMS, finance, procurement, engineering and more

Cross-functional collaboration

Drives program-wide visibility, clarity and collaboration, eliminating ad hoc spreadsheets and data silos

Purpose-built analytics

Dedicated analytics and tools track activities, estimate impacts, predict schedule trends and identify threats

Standardization across the fleet

OPA helps standardize and replicate best-practices, reducing cost variability across sites

Security and compliance

OPA meets US Export Controls including 10 CFR 810 and is built to INPO 06-008 Outage Guidelines

Drive results with Outage Planning & Analytics

Outage Planning & Analytics (OPA) | Planning and scheduling screenshot | GE Digital

Plan for success

Planning starts with preparation. OPA integrates data from any source and system, including eSOMS, EAM/CMMS, ERP, finance, procurement, and engineering to create a comprehensive view and single source of truth spanning all aspects of an outage program. Planning tools and dashboards create composite and drill-down activity views with milestones that provide visibility and clarity across the entire team.

Outage Planning & Analytics screenshot |  screenshot for scheduling | GE Digital

Schedule with accuracy

OPA tools help create an optimal master schedule, identify potential risks and improve decision making. Schedule Score Reports provide overall schedule health based on 14 indicator cards covering common pitfalls. Views include critical path, system, discipline, and window, along with historical comparisons and trending. Detailed workforce utilization information helps align labor, tools, and materials to maintain a consistent workload.

Outage Planning & Analytics | Execution overview screen | GE Digital

Drive excellence in execution

OPA dashboards and tools monitor outage task performance and schedule performance indicators, identifying and tracking emerging issues. An array of purpose-built analytics and visualizations provide accurate intelligence and forecasting to allow leaders to make the best real-time decisions with the latest data.

industrial engineers using GE Digital IIoT software | GE apps

Built by and for the industry

OPA was designed and built in cooperation with a leading nuclear power provider to help reduce and control outage costs and variability across their entire fleet. From analytics, to functionality, security and compliance, OPA reflects the best practices and desired product features of outage managers and executives.


OPA is a subscription service based on the Predix Platform and hosted in the AWS GovCloud. The OPA solution meets US Export Control requirements, including Department of Energy (10 CFR 810), Department of Commerce Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and Department of State International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).  

Unique analytics and intelligence

OPA features unique purpose-built analytics and intelligence tools tailored to outage management:


  • Go Codes and Impact Score Analytic:  Helps prioritize activities by providing specific impact level ranking and prerequisite activities completion status.
  • Bow Wave Analytic: Uses historical outage data to track and predict ahead/behind tends for activities and worker hours. Workdowns track scheduled, open, and emergent work remaining in daily schedules.
  • Delay Category Analytic:  Analyzes completed activities to discover production inefficiencies by day and by discipline to drive team-wide visibility and accountability.
  • Window Threat Analytic:  Analyzes and ranks logical strings of work (windows) to highlight possible pending performance degradation and indicate threat levels.

Let GE Digital show you how Outage Planning & Analytics can help reduce outage cost, duration and revenue loss