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Dorad Energy maintains reliability through initial energy transition change with GE Digital

$ 4 Million

Cost avoidance estimated at $4M in savings in less than 4 years

840 MW

APM cloud deployment across combined cycle power plant with a capacity of 840MW



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Using a predictive analytics strategy, Dorad Energy Ltd, Israel’s first major (and second largest) Independent Power Producer (IPP), has avoided an estimated $4M in expenses in less than four years and become one of the most reliable IPPs.  The private utility implemented GE Digital’s Asset Performance Management (APM) software as the foundation of their reliability process.


As an IPP, we knew reliability had to be job number one. Many tied to legacy delivery models tried to convince the market that private power plants lacked predictable delivery. With the help of GE Digital, we’ve proven the skeptics wrong.

Eli Asulin - CEO, Dorad Energy


Israel’s power sector is undergoing many changes due to the Energy Transition, creating data and reliability management challenges:


  • Time-of-Day peak demand is shifting as solar power rises. While only 7% of power in Israel today is generated from solar power plants, Israel aims to produce 30% of overall power from solar energy sources in 2030.


  • Tariff structures are changing as power consumption and delivery methods evolve, putting pressure on production schedules to remain flexible or risk losing profitability.


  • Plant operations are becoming more variable, requiring plants to turn on and off operations multiple times in one day.



Unlike a traditional utility, which typically employs hundreds of staff, Dorad Energy operates with limited resources and needed to find ways to maintain such lean operations while facing these changes in Israel’s energy sector.


Dorad Energy uses GE Digital's APM software to help optimize operations

Dorad Energy uses GE Digital's APM software to help optimize operations. Photo courtesy of Dorad Energy

With the help of GE Digital's software, Dorad Energy maintains lean operations.

With the help of GE Digital's software, Dorad Energy maintains lean operations. Photo courtesy of Dorad Energy

If it isn’t broken, you DO fix it


To tackle these challenges, Dorad Energy brought its knack for business innovation to the production site and worked on the implementation of a software solution brought by GE Digital. With an emphasis on adaptability, both teams built a comprehensive digital monitoring system allowing staff and GE Industrial Managed Services (IMS) team to leverage GE Digital’s Asset Performance Management (APM) software and identify asset failures before they happen. The solution covers 28 assets of the power plant, including 12 GE LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines, two Doosan-Skoda steam turbines, and 14 Brush generators.


Power plants are built to last. There is generally a culture of ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.’ However, we had to break that way of thinking if we wanted to build a reliable and profitable plant that could sustain constant change. GE Digital’s technology and expertise were unmatched. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Daniel Jaffe - CTO, Dorad Energy

Early Detection of Problems Minimizes Downtime and Saves Money


Dorad Energy runs its operations with full confidence and in line with its commitment to providing advanced and reliable energy solutions at the highest efficiency. Rather than chase failures, the system’s early detection and weekly IMS calls allow Dorad Energy to address small issues before they become obstacles to production. 




With GE Digital’s power plant operation and maintenance expertise, as well as the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven advanced predictive diagnostics system, Dorad Energy has avoided an estimated $4M in expenses in less than four years.


Without a tool like GE Digital’s APM, we couldn’t proactively keep up with the health of our system and we’d be chasing failures constantly.

Daniel Jaffe - CTO, Dorad Energy


"In one instance, the system identified small vibration anomalies in a gear before a full alert was flagged. Upon inspection, the gear had a chip. If we had allowed the defective gear to run its course, it would have been torn to shreds. We were able to overhaul the gear for only $120,000 versus potentially $500,000+ for a full replacement. We saved money and – even more importantly - downtime,” concludes Daniel Jaffe, CTO of Dorad Energy.


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