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When and Where Does it Make Sense to Invest in Software for Coal Plants?

Coal Webinar

The role of coal plants have changed significantly around the world. Some are planning to run for several years to come. Some are running at reduced capacity factor. Some are being retired. With the on-set of renewables, those that are running are often required to cycle much more than designed.  Additionally, with the volatility in fuel prices, these operating modes continue to change. 

Choosing the right software to help future proof your coal plant can be complicated. This session takes a hard look at when it makes sense to invest in a software solution and when it does not. If you need visibility to the health of your plant to drive down O&M costs or to inform on capital investments, this webinar session is for you. We also cover how a closed-loop system reduces operator inefficiencies to quickly improve fuel efficiency and/or meet your emission requirements.