Accelerate Your Competitiveness

Improve throughput with greater efficiency and lower costs with Tracker from GE Digital (formerly Proficy Tracker), a comprehensive tracking and order execution management system that meets the critical need for manufacturers. Proven in high-value, high-volume, high-variability environments, it tracks each serialized item that moves through your production process—providing detailed, continuous information to help you make the best decisions for a competitive edge.

Increase Your Throughput

Product Features

  1. Lean Production

    Build Right the First Time

    Implement lean production based on real-time and changing constraints throughout your manufacturing facility. Tracker helps you understand the real-time sequence requirements, and handle situations that occur on the plant floor when the sequence is broken.
  2. Improve Inventory, Production Orders

    Gain Flexibility and Control

    Better manage inventory, production orders and routing materials with detailed data with Tracker—empowering your operators with real-time information and control of their operations. Accommodating a variety of production flow adjustments just got easier.

    Tracker Software Outcomes

    1. 80%

      Reduced Integration Costs
      Reduced Integration Costs
      Global automotive company achieves 80% reduction in project integration costs to accelerate North America production capacity.
    2. 6 Sigma

      No Unplanned Downtime
      No Unplanned Downtime
      European luxury car manufacturer achieves rolling six-sigma reliability over 18 successive months.
    3. 25 years

      Enduring Partnership
      Enduring Partnership
      Global automotive company extends its 25-year partnership with GE to continuously improve operations across all 108 facilities worldwide.

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