What Does Digital Transformation Mean for Manufacturing?

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    Connecting and Visualizing Your Manufacturing Operations

    By connecting a wide variety of assets with speed and scale, Predix, the platform for the Industrial Internet, provides plant personnel with deep visibility across manufacturing operations. By digitizing manufacturing processes, companies are able to coordinate complex operations, tighten production quality control, and reduce cycle time—all while improving financial margins

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    Gaining Operation Insights Through Data-Driven Manufacturing

    Globally orchestrating the movement of parts, materials, and components across an ever-changing landscape is an intricate process. Providing decision makers with data-driven insights allows you to more effectively manage operations, streamline your supply chain and accelerate design to production.

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    Embracing the Manufacturing Ecosystem

    Our partner and innovator ecosystem is innovating on Predix to serve all aspects of manufacturing—from driving out waste to enabling manufacturers to improve product and process innovation. Together, we’re building a powerful network of companies committed to advancing the manufacturing industry.

Digital Transformation for Your Manufacturing Operations