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Proficy Plant Applications: Learning Webinar Series

Take advantage of this special webinar series for Proficy Plant Applications users.

GE Digital MES software helps manufacturers increase OEE

Proficy Plant Applications Webinar Series

Real-Time KPI Visibility and Dashboards

Plant Applications from GE Digital enables real-time KPIs | screenshot

Achieve Centralized, Remote and Mobile Operations

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Learn about the out-of-the-box content for Proficy Plant Applications users in Proficy Operations Hub. In less than five minutes, see how you can configure a “OEE” page. Widgets make it easy and simple to achieve a single pane of glass in your paperless environment. Get the right information where and when you need it.



Improve OEE and Quality with Analytics

GE Digital’s Proficy CSense screenshot illustrates reusable templates for easy deployment to similar assets or process units.

Optimize OEE with Plant Applications and Analytics

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See how other Plant Applications users have optimized OEE, using their MES data and analytics to adjust processes and achieve better OEE, quality, throughput, and more. You don’t need data science knowledge to enhance Plant Applications with analytics. Engineers – learn how you can take your MES and processes to the next level!


Improve Production Scheduling to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Productivity

Scheduler from GE Digital | screenshot | Optimize production

Enhance Plant Applications with Finite Capacity Scheduling

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Fed up with rescheduling, bottlenecks, overtime, and delayed deliveries? Learn how Plant Applications users are creating and maintaining dynamic and efficient production orders in real time based on resources and asset capacity. A proven finite capacity scheduling system, ROB-EX Scheduler tracks production orders and, as the orders execute, tracks actual measured production, consumption, waste, and yields, updating ERP and MES automatically. See how you can easily improve your production scheduling to increase customer satisfaction and boost productivity.

The Manufacturing Data Cloud

Illustration of the PaSS Predix Cloud from GE Digital

Consolidate and Transform Manufacturing Data for Increased Visibility and Value

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Discover how Plant Applications users are leveraging the cloud to gain enterprise-wide Business Intelligence and improve their operations globally. Proficy Manufacturing Data Cloud (MDC) allows Plant Applications users to easily and quickly bring manufacturing data from across production sites into the cloud and transform it into an enterprise data set – gaining a foundation for cloud storage, analysis, and analytics. Furthermore, learn how moving manufacturing data to the cloud enhances the performance of your Plant Applications system.


Let GE Digital help you digitize your manufacturing operations