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Manufacturing & Digital Plant

Helping Manufacturers Meet Today's Challenges with Sustainability and Efficiency

3 mins


  • Richard Kennedy

    Richard Kennedy

    GM Manufacturing, Digital Plant

    GE Digital

  • Prasad S. Pai

    Prasad S. Pai

    Principal, Production Orchestration

    GE Digital

  • Donna Izzo

    Donna Izzo

    Senior Director, Business Operations Leader

    GE Digital

Video details

Listen to GE Digital leaders talk about the challenges facing today's manufacturers and how software, data analytics, and people can help them meet those challenges head on with sustainability and efficiency.

Content Overview:

  • Understanding challenges facing today's manufacturers
  • Using software and analytics for efficiency and sustainability
  • Harnessing data for predictive insights
  • Reducing energy consumption



Richard Kennedy: GM Manufacturing | Digital Plant | GE Digital

I think manufacturing right now is under a lot of challenge. There's a lot of demand. Supply is challenging and things like waste or downtime in factories is just not acceptable. Digital transformation it's really becoming important. The urgency of getting digitally transformed within these manufacturers is continuing to just kind of drive and drive and drive.

GE Digital is helping transform manufacturing, using data and analytics to help customers build better and go green.

Prasad Pai, Senior Direct | Product Management | GE Digital

This is an exciting time for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are increasingly using analytics to look at how can they on a daily basis improve their operations.

When we think about optimization for manufacturing you can think of it in stages. First analyzing if they are efficient enough in their operation. The second step could be looking at how can they improve the quality? What are the metrics that are driving quality? Then once they do these two metrics you can start looking at the waste. Is the waste more on energy consumption? Is the waste more on material that they're using? Is the waste more on labor?

We can help customers to even identify problems that are hidden. You need a software that can scale and work with the customer as they are trying to optimize each stage. That is what GE Digital provides.

Donna Izzo, Senior Director | Business Operations Leader | GE Digital

GE Digital customers want to use data really to harness predictive insights. When they can take the data that they've got and determine what's going to happen next? How can I trigger my operations to be more efficient ahead of the game? And that could be for a specific production line for a full plant or even across their entire enterprise.  It's pretty exciting for them to be able to apply analytics and really be more in control of what's going to happen.

GE Digital helps manufacturers analyze energy usage and identify opportunities to reduce emissions and waste.

Richard Kennedy, GM Manufacturing | Digital Plant | GE Digital

Every customer I speak with now, we always get deeper into what can you do for us for sustainability?

Prasad Pai, Senior Direct | Product Management | GE Digital

Once you have data. Once you have the software that can make sense of that data. Manufacturers can actually reduce the amount of water usage or power usage. Energy optimization can help them achieve two goals. One is reduce the cost of their operation which increases their profitability. The second one is it helps them achieve their sustainability goals that they have set for their organization.

Donna Izzo, Senior Director | Business Operations Leader | GE Digital

At the end of the day, this data enables them to get to the point where they are reducing waste. They are improving quality. They're reducing consumption. The impact we are having on the world, especially as we think about energy transitions. You know, reducing consumption for manufacturers. The challenges they face every day. We're tackling real world problems.

Richard Kennedy, GM Manufacturing | Digital Plant | GE Digital

I just continue to see customers being able to take more and more advantage of data and the software that looks at that data and really be able to expand what they're trying to accomplish.

Let GE Digital help you with your manufacturing challenges