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Predix Cloud and Predix Private Cloud

Scalable big data processing, rich analytics, and application services that support industrial solutions

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Predix Cloud and Predix Private Cloud | GE Digital

The right support for the most demanding industrial solutions

Application foundation


Predix Platform is the foundation for the our portfolio of industrial applications, including Predix Asset Performance Management (Predix APM). You can take advantage of these applications, use the integrated user console of Predix Essentials, or develop your own apps using the rich set of platform APIs.

Predix Essentials

Industrial engineer using Predix Essentials from GE Digital

Predix Essentials packages core Predix Platform services into a tailored solution for monitoring and event management, with connectivity, cloud processing, and a rich user console. Today, Predix Essentials is not available for Predix Private Cloud.

Analytics and machine learning

Machine Learning using Predix Platform from GE Digital

Analytics for anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, prescriptive controls, and more are the catalyst for truly impactful IIoT benefits. Predix Platform provides a rich framework to support the most demanding analytics workloads.  

Predix Platform Security


Predix Platform Security provides defense-in-depth security of the platform, applications, users, and the data flowing end-to-end. For Predix Cloud customers, we also provides continuous SOC monitoring and management.

Predix Connectivity


Reliable communication channels for remote assets can be a significant challenge. Predix Connectivity offers secure and reliable communication between Predix Edge and Predix Cloud over fixed line, cellular, and satellite networks.

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Optimize your assets, operations, and business securely.

Explore GE Digital's industrial apps

IIoT Platform

Predix Edge

Supports the data collection, local apps and analytics, and secure cloud connection that are the cornerstone of your operations.

Cloud reference image | Predix Cloud from GE Digital
IIoT Platform

Predix Cloud and Predix Private Cloud

Predix Cloud and Predix Private Cloud are the foundation of the Predix Platform, offering you a powerful IIoT platform with a choice of deployment models…

Industrial Apps

Predix Asset Performance Management

Optimizing the performance of assets to increase reliability and availability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks.