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Essentials: Cloud-Based IIoT Platform

Cloud-based, end-to-end IIoT platform enabling everything from data integration to driving actions that help optimize asset and operational performance.

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Industrial engineers using Predix Essentials from GE Digital

What is Essentials?

Essentials is a cloud-based enterprise platform for industrial data monitoring and event management. It’s an end-to-end solution combining data connectivity, analytics, and edge-to-cloud processing. Essentials also features a comprehensive user console which helps you to monitor, detect, and respond to events within a single pane of glass. Essentials offers both core and advanced features needed to power several GE Digital applications.


Address enterprise-wide data and event management challenges with Essentials

A feature-rich and comprehensive cloud IIoT platform

Enterprise-wide data collection and integration

• Centralize millions of data points • Bi-directional integration (with SAP and IBM systems) with pre-built data loaders • Batch data uploading • Time Series data points ingestion and storage, and edge or direct-to-cloud ingestion options

Scalable and flexible analytics infrastructure

• Define rules, analytics, and scheduling to generate alerts • No-code, drag-and-drop rules builder to configure rules and workflows • Analytics infrastructure to ingest, configure, deploy, and monitor analytics • Bring-your-own-model (BYOM) or analytics

A common, feature-rich action and recommendation management system

• Capabilities for alerting, analyses, case mgmt., and reporting • Bi-directional integration with other systems (EAM, MES, etc.) • Easily collaborate, detect incidents, add recommendations, and manage cases/issues to resolution

‘Single-pane-of-glass’ visibility

• Custom dashboards and visualizations using templates and widget library • Advanced visualization with embedded business intelligence (BI) tool and pre-built charts/dashboards for specific use cases • Ad-hoc data analysis and visualizations across data sources

Asset Performance Management and Operations Performance Management software

Improved asset and operational performance, reduced costs, and faster time-to-value

  • Faster issue detection, decision-making, and response with centralized data visibility and insights
  • Improved efficiency with automated workflows across applications
  • Condition-based or predictive maintenance and flexible analytics infrastructure
  • Improved collaboration and productivity with a common, feature-rich action/recommendation mgmt. system
  • A solid digital foundation for cloud-enabled apps — leverage the platform’s value across apps and sites
  • Lower IT costs associated with ad-hoc integration (e.g., with SAP, Maximo) and development (e.g., rules automation, BI tools)
  • Unlimited scalability and always up to date


Leads to: 

  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
  • Improved operational performance
  • Lower IT costs
  • Rapid time to value
  • Accelerated digital transformation
Cyber Security Services | GE DigitalCyber Security Services | GE Digital

A secure cloud environment

Security at every level

Essentials follows GE Digital’s secure-by-design approach, ensuring security at every stage from design to delivery and beyond. The platform provides capabilities such as two-party encryption and supports end-to-end chain-of-custody reporting for code and data.


Built with defense-in-depth across every layer, and continuously monitored, the platform ensures the security of:

  • Itself
  • The applications it powers
  • The software development process
  • The data that flows through the platform


Robust security frameworks & governance

GE Digital has adopted ISO 27001-based Information Security Management System for building a security governance and controls framework. GE Digital maintains ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27017:2015, ISO 27018:2019, and ISO 27701:2019 for certain products. External audits are performed annually.



Essentials powers Autonomous Inspection - new computer vision software to transform visual inspections

Essentials powers Autonomous Inspection

Why Autonomous Inspection?

Offers AI-based smart inspections & monitoring capabilities for automated detection, severity classification, and alerting for defects. Enables:


  • Completing inspection reviews much faster – in minutes vs. days/weeks
  • Reducing inspection and O&M costs – with timely interventions, improved asset uptime and less resources
  • Enhancing operators' productivity & safety and ensure compliance – by minimizing/eliminating hazardous inspections


Autonomous Inspection is available as optional add-on to Essentials and requires a separate license to use.

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Unlock cloud benefits with Essentials

By enabling aggregation and integration of multiple data types, their processing, visualization, and actioning, Essentials helps drive initiatives to reduce asset downtime, lower maintenance and IT costs, and offer many other concrete benefits.

Access the latest capabilities

Essentials eliminates time-consuming upgrades.

Scalability and anywhere access

Scale as needed and unlock flexibility and productivity with location-independent access.

Lower total cost of ownership

Eliminate on-premises version costs (server costs, internal and third-party support, upgrade costs, etc.).

Faster deployments

Eliminate commissioning required with on-premises versions.

Data recovery

Minimize/eliminate data losses with everything backed up on cloud.

High security

Trust GE’s robust security frameworks and governance as well as industry-best cloud security from AWS.

Reduced carbon footprint

Cloud computing is 93% more energy-efficient, and 98% lower GHG emissions than on-premises datacenters. Also, AWS’s infrastructure is 3.6x more energy efficient.

Enable APM and OPM results

Essentials is the IoT cornerstone of GE Digital applications, providing a complete package of core platform functions to power your solution. It’s everything you need – from IT/OT connectivity to analytics processing to base application features – ready to power rapid and sustained industrial application value.

Learn how Essentials can accelerate your digital transformation initiatives

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