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Predix Essentials

A complete solution for industrial monitoring and event management

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Industrial engineers using Predix Essentials from GE Digital

The cornerstone of IIoT outcomes

Predix Industrial apps in the fieldPredix Industrial apps in the field

Monitoring and event management is the first step in harnessing the power of an edge-to-cloud IIoT solution. With Predix Essentials, you can centralize data, apply analytics, then visualize and act on the insights. It allows you to connect assets and IT/OT data, monitor conditions, analyze alerts, and manage incidents through resolution without any software development required. By leveraging Predix Essentials, you can reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs—and that’s just the beginning.

Benefits of Predix Essentials

Centralized asset and process visibility

Condition-based monitoring

Remote HMI monitoring and support

Cross-plant dashboards

OEM fleet monitoring and service

Predix Essentials in action

Connect to asset and IT/OT data

Predix Essentials includes pre-built data loaders for EAM, ERP, HMI/SCADA, and Historian systems, as well as tools to integrate other sources. Predix Edge can connect directly to sensors, controllers and more, allowing local processing before sending data to the cloud.

Process data and analytics

Essentials is based on the Predix Platform – a secure, scalable edge-to-cloud operating environment with expansive and powerful features. Essentials uses these capabilities to enable distributed processing and advanced analytics, custom applications, and more.

Analyze and act

The User Console provides dashboards, HMI visualizations, alerting, analysis, case management and more. Users can centrally monitor assets, analyze anomalies and alerts, set policies, and manage cases through resolution using a unified environment.

Predix Essentials capabilities

Predix Essentials across the enterprise


Predix Essentials is the right answer for common IIoT needs across industries. Operational users can centrally monitor assets and data, analyze anomalies and alerts, and manage cases through resolution. Executives and analysts can use the unified data views and tools for supervision, reporting and decisioning.

Extending your IIoT investments

HMI/SCADA historian software in manufacturing | GE Digital

Predix Essentials augments and extends your investments in HMI/SCADA and Historian systems. Essentials centralizes data in the cloud, provides 360 degree views, analysis and alerts, and the analytics power to support remote monitoring, cross-plant asset and process visibility, predictive maintenance alerts and unique insights into operations.

Expanding to Predix APM and Predix OPM


Predix Essentials is the foundation of Predix APM and Predix OPM applications, so expanding is seamless. Predix Essentials configurations and data are automatically integrated and the Essentials user functions become an integral part of the new enriched application user experience.

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