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Asset connectivity and local intelligence to power your IIoT solution

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What is Edge?

Edge computing is playing a growing and critical part of industrial IoT solutions. With powerful connectivity and management capabilities, support for container-based apps and analytics, Edge can greatly enhance the value of you IoT initiatives.


See Edge in Action

Predix Edge Manager Enrollment
Predix Edge Manager Enrollment
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Edge Manager Enrollment

This video will show you how to enroll am Edge virtual machine into the Edge Manager.

Send Data to Predix APM
Send Data to Predix APM
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Send Data to Essentials and APM

This video will show you how to send data to the Platform using a device that is enrolled in Edge Manager.

Optimization Ingestion at the Edge
Optimization Ingestion at the Edge
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Optimization Ingestion at the Edge

Optimize how much data we are going to ingest using a device publishing data to APM using the “Deadbander”. An example using the OPC UA adapter will also be presented.

Edge capabilities

Processing where you need it

Industrial engineers using Predix Essentials from GE DigitalIndustrial engineers using Predix Essentials from GE Digital

Edge computing can process raw data in near-real time, apply analytics, support local applications and pre-filter cloud-bound data to save costs. Edge can provide this and more with deployment options from small-footprint embedded gateways to plant-floor appliances to high-end server configurations.

Connect assets and data sources



Edge connects to industrial assets to collect data and send control signals. It  supports a wide variety of standard and proprietary protocols to unlock access to almost any industrial data source. Data can be filtered, processed by edge-based apps and analytics, then reliably forwarded to the cloud for further processing.

Powerful apps and analytics

Industrial engineers using Predix Edge computing for control systemsIndustrial engineers using Predix Edge computing for control systems

Edge supports data processing from basic filtering and aggregation to edge-based applications and complex analytics. With support for multi-container workloads and analytics engines,  Edge can host local monitoring applications, custom data processing, streaming analytics, machine learning and more.

Management simplicity



Edge Manager is an intuitive and automated cloud application to manage fleet-scale Edge deployments, operations, and edge-based apps and analytics. It also provides a secure channel to monitor, alert and change setpoints for connected industrial machines. Local management is enabled via an onboard Technician Console.

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