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Native Interoperability: Your roadmap to next-level grid performance

Achieve optimized operational management of your grid

Read the Digital Utility Transformation
GE software helps utilities light up the night sky

Delivering a shared, single source of truth

Network-based GIS & ADMS Integration
Network-based GIS & ADMS Integration
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A fully integrated grid is within reach

Your modern grid creates so much important data. But there’s so much data, often siloed, that it’s challenging to make the best decisions in real time. GE Digital can help you create a shared, validated, and connected data fabric that removes the challenges of disconnected data.


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Benefits of network-based GIS and geospatial network modeling for utilities

Cost reductions up to 30%

Planning time reductions up to 20%

Up to 7% reduction in new build and internal process costs

Field inspection and back-office productivity improvements up to 8%

Up to 30% reduction in redundant network modeling

Up to 10% increase in network reliability

The modern grid requires end-to-end interoperability

The grid is changing faster than any time in history. It’s time to evolve to a single shared source of truth for your grid. This informative e-book provides insights on how GE Digital can help you do just that.


Download Three Reasons to Unify Your Network Model


Manage all renewables and Distributed Energy Resources across your grid in a fully integrated solution.


See the infographic on digital transformation in utilities



Delivering a foundational network view

Stedin’s CTO Peter Hermans
Stedin’s CTO Peter Hermans
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DSO Stedin

GE Digital helps utilities around the globe integrate their GIS and ADMS systems, creating the reliable foundation needed for all the analytics the modern grid requires.


Dutch DSO Stedin is ready for today’s energy transition. Listen to Stedin’s CTO Peter Hermans and then click below to hear their full story.

Energy Queensland & Top Energy
Energy Queensland & Top Energy
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Energy Queensland & Top Energy

Integrating GIS and ADMS presents unique challenges, like getting quality data into the network model and keeping it clean.


In this video, you’ll hear Energy Queensland’s David Beasley, and Top Energy’s Matthew Kennedy, as they walk us through their journey to a single source of truth across their utilities.


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Network-based GIS & ADMS native interoperability: A shared source of truth

Learn more about how GE Digital is helping the electric industry build a strong data foundation for future growth in this article by GE Digital’s Principal Digital Product Manager, Jennifer Reeves; and Growth Leader Asset Management at APAC, Douglas Moore.

Let GE Digital show you how interoperability can help optimize your operations

GE Digital has helped medium to very large utilities worldwide navigate digital transformation. Partner with us to tackle your energy transition challenges – discover what we can achieve together.