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Dutch DSO Stedin on GE's Digital Energy Solutions

2 mins

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GE Power customer Stedin, a leading DSO in the Netherlands, discusses GE's ADMS and Smallworld GIS solutions and partnering with GE to meet the challenges of the Energy Transition. Stedin is committed to evolving from a traditional utility to a data company.

Digital Energy Solutions

Electric utility engineering using APM software from GE Digital

Geospatial Network Modeling Solutions for Utilities

With more than 25 years' experience and a proven network-based model, GE's Smallworld geospatial asset management offerings provide today's utilities with elegant solutions to network connectivity and data workflow management challenges.

GE Digital ADMS software helps the transmission and distribution industry

Advanced Distribution Management Solutions (ADMS)

GE’s DER-aware ADMS moves beyond the traditional bounds of SCADA, DMS and OMS and provides software for the safe and secure management and orchestration of the distribution grid. Our solutions deliver reliability, productivity, and efficiency through a modular architecture, adaptive algorithms, predictive analytics, and a brilliant user experience.