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What is Remote Operations?

Remote Operations is a packaged software and appliance solution that provides remote/mobile worker access to essential HMI monitoring and control functions. A unique secure network system, hard-token credentials and granular access controls ensure that remote, mobile and on-site operators can work independently or together in a secure and NERC-CIP compliant environment. Remote Operations is available in several packages, accommodating needs from urgent continuity to fault tolerant fleet-wide operations centers.


“The pandemic and its economic impact have ignited and accelerated permanent operational changes across industries. A solution like GE Digital’s Remote Operations is needed to enable Power Generators and other industrial organizations to adopt remote sta ng, centralized and ¬exible resourcing, and autonomous operations.”

Kevin Prouty, IDC, Group VP, Energy & Manufacturing Insights

Secure and compliant, end-to-end

Remote Operations is built around a secure connection broker appliance featuring two-factor authentication; role, time and equipment-based access controls; session logging and recording; and encrypted pixel-only data transfer. The solution meets compliance standards for NERC-CIP and many others.

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