• Hydrogen leakage in the pipeline upstream from a generator at a gas-fired power plant

What did GE's analytics software find?

On May 6th, the GE SmartSignal solution detected that the hydrogen flow to a generator increased to the sensor maximum of 20 m3/day, with estimates approximately 8 m3/day. GE’s Industrial Performance and Reliability Center (IPRC) added this item to the weekly report for discussion with the customer.


What was the underlying cause?

Upon investigation, the customer found a leakage in the pipeline upstream of the generator that caused the increase in hydrogen flow. The degassing valves were reseated, and the IPRC verified that the hydrogen flow returned to normal.


What was the value to the customer?

Due to the early notification from the IPRC, the customer was able to detect and fix the leak before the cost associated with loss of the hydrogen became significant. Hydrogen leaks to the external environment also are hazardous due to the flammability of the gas.

On May 6th, generator hydrogen flow (Gen 3 H2 Flow) stepped up and was trending at the sensor maximum range of 20 m3/day. On May 13th, after degassing valves were reseated, the hydrogen flow returned to normal levels.

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