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Purpose-Built Industrial IoT Services

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Purpose-Built Industrial IoT Services

Whether you’re just starting on your digital transformation journey or looking to expand your network of industrial applications, GE Digital’s Customer Success Services team can help your industrial organization achieve its business goals and maximize the value of your IIoT investment.


Kick-start your digital transformation

Get on the right path to becoming a digital industrial leader

4 Services

Digital Transformation Advisory

Engage your senior business leaders in changing the world of industrial technology to better define and accelerate your organization’s digital journey. 

Data Science Services

Using a combination of physical principles, empirical knowledge, and data science to build you a solution driving significant business value.

OT Security Services

Understand the vulnerabilities in your networks and devices, and learn how to reduce risk in OT environments. 

Solution Design Services

Solution Design Services oversee the architectural and technical enablement of software, based on customer outcomes, technologies, and industries using a shared pool of expert resources. 


Take your IIoT investments to the next level

Accelerate ROI and capitalize on your digital transformation

4 Services

Industrial Managed Services

Expertise-based, continuous consulting services provided in a service subscription after implementation or a deployment engagement.

Support Services

Maximize the potential value of customers’ IIoT investments and accelerate return on investment through technical support, adoption, education, and industrial managed services support.

Education Services

Provide product training, industry education, and rigorous certification programs to meet the needs of customers’ personnel. 

Implementation Services

A partner in the full deployment of GE Digital’s industrial applications.