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new The State of Food & Beverage, CPG: Sustainability

The push for more environmentally friendly oeprations is everywhere in F&B/CPG.  Limiting things like energy and water usage is no longer just a cost-cutting initiative, but an expectation of both executives and investors. Leaders across the industry have made public commitments to improve performance in this area.  This white paper presents the 2016 review and the 2017 outlook.

White Paper
new The New Kingmakers

In an era when developers make or break digital strategies, even the most successful industrial companies can’t afford  to ignore what their software people are telling them. And, overwhelmingly, they’re saying the same things: the future is software-driven and open source based. Industrial companies that don’t invest in digital transformation today will be left behind tomorrow. But what does it mean to invest in digital transformation?  Whitepaper by Stephen O'Grady, O'Reilly publication.

White Paper
new Digital Industrial Transformation Playbook: Business Model Innovation Pillar

Industrial companies are entering a new period of change marked by both opportunities and threats. In this white paper, we discuss how you can transform your business model and internal operations in order to deliver new forms of value through digitization.

White Paper
new Digital for Power & Utility Bottom Line Success

By applying optimization software to a wide range of incoming data from across the company’s energy ecosystem, fuel buyers, powers traders and portfolio managers can make more refined decisions for greater profitability. 

new Reduce Your Risk of Cyberattacks

 Power companies and utilities are increasingly upgrading their cyber security capabilities to protect their systems and assets against rapidly evolving threats. 

new Minds + Machines Europe 2017 Brochure

The premier event for the Industrial Internet.

new Gallo Glass Company Improves Quality, Safety, and Efficiency with iFIX from GE Digital

With one billion bottles being produced annually, a state-of-the-art production system, including monitoring and control software from GE Digital, helps Gallo Glass shine. And shining is exactly what Gallo is doing—after being named #1 in the prestigious InformationWeek Top 500.

Customer Story
new Enabling Digital Transformation for the Industrial IoT, GE Digital and Intel

In partnership, GE Digital and Intel are driving digital industrial transformation, turning data across the enterprise into near real-time intelligence that matters.

new Gerdau Saves Millions Annually with GE Digital

Gerdau accelerates digital transformation with GE Digital, saving more than 130 hours in unplanned downtime and reducing raw material inventory from 3 days to 7 minutes.  Learn how this innovator in the steel industry embraced more efficient processes that has allowed them to maintain their position as an industry leader.

Customer Story
new GE Digital's Supplier Guide to Invoicing

To ensure timely payments of Supplier invoices which have been summited to GE, please ensure the following practices are present with your Supplier Invoices.


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