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new CIMPLICITY 10 from GE Digital

Precisely monitor and control every aspect of your industrial operations with efficient HMI/SCADA.

new Accelerate Your IIoT Journey, Customer Success Services

Accelerate your IIoT journey with cusotmer success services from GE Digital.  See our offerings and understand how GE Digital can assist you optimize your performance.

new GE Digital Industrial Evolution Index Executive Summary

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has great potential. Stakeholders are open to the opportunity, but need further resources to understand what it is, what it can enable and what’s the best path to success. The Industrial Evolution Index explores IT and Operations Decision Makers’ perceptions of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and determines a ‘score’ in five key areas: outlook, outcomes, barriers, company readiness, and workforce readiness.

White Paper
new Smart Systems, Asset Management, and Strategic Services Innovation

By integrating service and support automation directly into the fabric of machine solutions, new asset management platform technologies can help OEM’s leverage the continuously evolving relationship between connected machines, smart services and customer value creation. This paper and supporting research highlights the productivity impacts and customer responsiveness gains new asset management solution platforms inform.

White Paper
new Browar Warka Increases Bottling Line Efficiency with GE Digital

Plant Applications from GE Digital provides Browar Warka information in real time about the bottling lines, enabling a quick reaction to potential problems.  The total number of mechanical and electrical downtime events has
decreased by 39 percent.

Customer Story
new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for Developers Ebook

Developers have become heroes in the popular imagination. They’re seen as having the imagination and ability to bring new ideas to life. In today’s world, developers understand the APIs, the platforms, and the way the applications are packaged for customers. Many of today’s largest companies, ranked by market value, began in the minds of developers. As the opportunities facing developers evolve, so does the nature of the heroes required. This book explains how you can get started in writing applications that tap into the massive potential of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

new The Road to Transforming Field Service

We surveyed our customers to assess the true impact of ServiceMax from GE Digital.

Why is Sales and Marketing Alignment Important

In the age of the customer, it's sales and marketing, not sales versus marketing.

new Data Science Services from GE Digital

Unlock new business value from your industrial enterprise data.

Why APM from GE Digital Infographic

All risk is interconnected and can have a negative financial impact with adverse effects in operational performance. Many risks start at the asset. The risk factors below outline the challenges your company is facing, and why leading global companies control them with asset performance management (APM).


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