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Proficy Industrial Software Family

Proficy CSense 2024: Optimize Operations with Advanced Analytics

Proficy CSense 2024

New Comprehensive AI/ML enabled Cloud-Based or On-Prem Industrial Analytics

What is the value of a 10% performance improvement in your plant or enterprise? With Proficy CSense, you can optimize asset & process performance in your manufacturing plants with proven, easy-to-use industrial analytics.

  • Improve operations with five comprehensive analytics capabilities in one software solution: analysis, monitoring, prediction & forecasting, simulation, and optimization
  • Extend your existing Proficy software with integrated Proficy analytics and AI/ML innovation
  • Increase ease of use with a NEW modern look and feel
  • Supercharge performance with a NEW 64 bit CSense  – analyze larger datasets, analyze more datatypes, utilize any 64-bit open-source Python modules, and deploy more powerful analytics, algorithms, AI/ML models, and more
  • Designed for AI/ML: NEW array datatypes now enable processing of data sets in a single execute, and mixing of real-time stream and batch data set processing in a single real-time analytic. For example, training an AI/ML model, and using it in real-time for high-speed predictions or closed loop control.

Uncover hidden opportunities for improvement

Read our Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Guidebook for Engineers.  See how you can combine your deep domain expertise with applied analytics and Digital Twin technology to rapidly identify problems, discover root causes and automate actions to improve your operations.

Jump start your continuous improvement

Proficy CSense Industrial Analytics Software

According to IndustryWeek research, 70% of companies want to learn more about analytics, but the big question is how to get started.


With industry-leading expertise in data science and analytics, GE Vernova can help.


We’re offering 6 free hours of consulting to jump start your analytics program in conjunction with Proficy CSense, the world’s most powerful industrial analytics software with 5 capabilities in one very affordable package.


Get 6 Free Hours of Analytics Consulting - $1500 Value – Provided with any purchase of Proficy CSense*

Discover advanced analytics for optimization

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Industrial Software

Proficy CSense

Industrial analytics software that optimizes asset and process performance.

Cement manufacturer uses Proficy CSense | GE Digital
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China-Based Conglomerate Uses AI to Optimize Energy Efficiency of Cement Cooler Process

Learn how a global manufacturer used Digital Twin technology to optimize energy efficiency and reduce net energy consumption.