Compliance & Integrity Management (C&IM) iPad

Drive Compliance with Preventative Maintenance

As part of our Asset Performance Management suite, Compliance & Integrity Management (C&IM) provides foundational work processes, allowing users to calculate risk and the remaining useful life of assets. It also ensures that inspection and compliance strategies are evaluated as equipment conditions change.

C&IM allows you to focus more on preventative maintenance and developing intelligent actions to fully comply with regulatory measures.

Product Features

Refinery Pipe
  1. Hazard analysis

    Hazard analysis

    Focuses on identifying and assessing risks and managing the reduction of those risks. Based on international standards, such as IEC 61882 Hazard and Operability Studies Application Guide, it’s a regulatory requirement and integral part of the risk management process.
  2. Safety lifecycle management

    Safety lifecycle management

    Enables users to track and report on process safety performance indicators and identify trends. Also, helps ensure regulatory compliance and helps reduce the risk to production availability by managing all aspects of the lifecycle of safety critical instrumentation.
  3. Risk based inspection (RBI)

    Risk based inspection (RBI)

    Provides the ability to assess the likelihood and consequences of failure to optimize inspection rigor based on overall risk. Developed using American Petroleum Institute (API) standards 580 and 581, RBI can be seamlessly integrated into inspection and maintenance programs.
  4. Inspection management

    Inspection management

    Helps ensure compliance with federal, state, and local requirements. Allows asset owners and operators to manage inspection plans on a variety of asset classes, document the condition of the asset, and track inspection recommendations to closure from a single source.
  5. Thickness monitoring

    Thickness monitoring

    Provides the ability to calculate the remaining useful life and assigns inspection priority based on an asset’s corrosion rates or thickness measurements. Integrates with a variety of data loggers, streamlining the collection of thickness data.

    Product Benefits

    1. $325K

      Annual Savings
      Annual Savings
      Supermetanol, a petrochemical company, reduces non-conformances and improves mechanical integrity in turnarounds for significant cost savings using GE Digital’s APM.
    2. 14%

      Reduction in corrective maintenance
      Reduction in corrective maintenance
      Polinter, a Venezuelan petrochemical company, improves quality and achieves a 25% increase in preventative maintenance by improving mechanical availability with APM.
    3. £2.12MM

      Annual savings
      Annual savings
      Cristal Global, the world’s second-largest producer of titanium dioxide and a leading supplier of titanium chemicals, reduces risk and saves million annually by using GE Digital’s risk-based inspection capability.


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