Brainstorming Digital Transformation

Mapping Your Digital Journey Is Complex

You know that digital industrial transformation is key for your company’s success and longevity. You understand the benefits that come with embracing transformation and you’re ready to change your business model. You’ve purchased the right solutions for your business. So, how do you ensure proper utilization across your enterprise in order to realize the full potential of your new IIoT investments?

That’s where GE Digital’s Adoption Services can help.

Decrease time-to-value and reach your goals

With Adoption Services from GE Digital, a Customer Success Manager will enable complex software adoption, accelerate outcome realization, and facilitate your satisfaction as a customer. By partnering with one of our dedicated Customer Success Managers, you’ll be able to make the most effective use of your digital solutions and realize outcomes faster.

Building A Roadmap To Success Together

Tough Questions, Real Answers

The Team

Customer success managers focus on making sure the customer obtains their desired outcomes. The process starts with strong governance to ensure customer expectations are well understood, and measurable.

To achieve the best realization of outcomes, CSM work to make sure customers are ready for the adoption of their solution by developing plans that ensure successful communication plans, and training programs that ensure utilization of GE products and solutions.

Your Goals

To obtain the outcomes a customer desires, we must make it easy to work with GE. A CSM has a robust health scorecard that views all touch points a customer has with GE. This way they can focus in on addressing issues before they become areas of frustration for the customer.

They review the scorecard each quarter with the customer to make sure everything is on track for successful engagement by all.

The Future

Customer Success managers continue to work on your behalf with account health monitoring, adoption readiness, and outcome attainment. They work to make sure your voice is heard by having governance process in place to escalate issues if needed, or to ensure you have all the tools needed for adoption of your GE solutions.

In doing this CSM strive to become your trusted advisor, enabling customers to get the most of their GE relationship.

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