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GE Digital makes reliable, sustainable and efficient power generation possible

GE Digital is your partner for the challenges ahead

Digital innovation starts with physics-based knowledge. It’s the basis on which digital solutions are built. So, any effort to digitalize the energy system starts there. As a 129-year-old technology company, no other organization in the world can match GE in depth of understanding of complex energy technologies and how it operates in the real world. While digitalization requires a long-term mindset and short-term vigilance, partnering with GE Digital can:


  • Unlock new business models
  • Create unanticipated revenue streams
  • Generate additional profitability outcomes


Generating smarter ways to do business is our legacy. GE empowers industry leaders to achieve, and often exceed, their goals.

Contact GE Digital now and start your journey to zero unplanned downtime.

See how your peers use GE Digital to boost reliability

SPE (La Société Algérienne de Production de l’Electricité), Algeria’s national power generation company
APM Health, APM Reliability

Digitization at the Service of Predictive Maintenance

SPE's investments in remote monitoring and commitment to digital transformation have led to best-in-class maintenance cost management.

CPV uses digital twins in their control center to reduce costs and optimize maintenance

Digital Twin technologies drive power output

Competitive Power Ventures uses GE Digital’s Operations Performance Management (OPM) software to drive significant operational production gains.