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Enel’s Global Power Generation Business Avoids ≈750 GWh & €3M in Unscheduled Downtime


Site with APM in AWS cloud deployments


GWh of unscheduled downtime avoided

3 M

Euro (USD 3.6M) estimated savings



Enel's Global Power Generation


Power Generation Software


Asset Health & Condition Monitoring, Reliability Analysis Software

This company is using an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud deployment. GE Digital is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network, and has demonstrated deep expertise leveraging AWS to build, implement, and integrate technology that transforms complex business and operational systems to help accelerate the energy transition.



Market demands and regulatory surcharges that are designed to reduce the environmental impact of power generation have compelled Enel’s Global Power Generation business line (Enel GPG) to seek greater operational efficiencies. As it drowned in data, Enel GPG realized that turning that flow of information into operational decisions required a new approach to asset management.


“It takes more than software to transform our complex business. We also needed expertise, process optimization and implementation insights," says Claudio Macchia, Enel GPG Head of Hydro, Geothermal and Thermal Monitoring and Maintenance Scheduling.


We selected GE because it offered the best of two worlds, deep experience in operating power plants and premier technology.

Claudio Macchia - Enel GPG Head of Hydro, Geothermal and Thermal Monitoring and Maintenance Scheduling


Competitive market forces created urgent need for cost reduction


The only way to stay competitive was to become more efficient. In Spain and Italy, strict pricing regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions put further pressure on thermal generators to reduce costs as they accelerate their path to renewable energy.


As a mature business, Enel GPG had difficulty optimizing costs. The team had already designed and implemented asset maintenance best practices to keep equipment in optimal operating condition. However, these initiatives could only take the company so far. Indeed, by adopting an industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) software with Machine Learning (ML) capabilities in the cloud, Enel GPG can take the next revolutionary leap and anticipate equipment failure with much greater accuracy.



Predictive strategies anticipate failure to better align maintenance actions and improve uptime


Enel GPG envisioned a complete digitalization of routine processes. GE Digital's Asset Performance Management (APM) along with Amazon Web Services (AWS), offered the expertise and technology needed to bring this vision to reality.


Transforming Enel GPG’s approach to asset management took a great deal of careful planning. Enel GPG, with the support of the GE team, executed initial tag mapping and model development.  Enel GPG then worked on fine tuning its blueprint and improving model quality.


Collecting information was never our goal. We aim to use data to make better decisions. GE Digital has turned that vision into a reality. We are reducing outages while reducing costs.

Claudio Macchia - Enel GPG Head of Hydro, Geothermal and Thermal Monitoring and Maintenance Scheduling


What started with a few engineers dedicated to APM has grown to 11 dedicated staff on the Enel GPG global monitoring team.  The team uses GE Digital's APM Health and APM Reliability across 14 sites, 20 power islands and almost 400 assets.



Forty-five catches avoided downtime and reduced costs


Today, the Enel GPG team can identify anomalies before they become alarms, leveraging real time data and advanced analytics to optimize operations.  In the last 27 months, 45 catches have resulted in about 750 GWh of avoided downtime and estimated cost avoidance of Euro 3M (USD 3.6M).


What’s next


Building on the success of the APM deployment, Enel GPG plans to roll out APM Strategy on Termini Imerese and La Casella power generating assets in Italy. APM Strategy’s risk-based approach will complement the health & reliability analytics already in place on the two sites.


By balancing risk, production goals, and resource investment, APM Strategy will allow Enel GPG to focus costs on the most critical assets—reducing maintenance and inventory costs, increasing availability and reliability, and moving away from reactive maintenance practices to a proactive approach.

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