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Asset Transfer System (ATS)

Modernize the way you manage leased asset documentation

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What is Asset Transfer System?

Asset Transfer System
Asset Transfer System
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Asset Transfer System helps streamline and simplify the way leased asset documentation is managed between airlines and lessors. With two simple modules, records management and project management, users can drive efficiency throughout the entire leased asset lifecycle while maintaining compliance.

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  • Modernizing Aviation Asset Transitions:  Learn more about modernizing your asset transitions.  Ask live questions and hear directly from experts about how we’re helping lessors eliminate waste and streamline the entire asset lifecycle.  May 19 at 11:00 ET


Handle every aspect of leased management in one place

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Support the full leased asset lifecycle

  • Asset/Contract Management: Allow for additional integration with external asset and contract software solutions.
  • Back file Integration: Enable GE Digital Aviation Software to scan and organize all existing documents as part of a complete implementation.
ATS with ProvenAir
ATS with ProvenAir
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Reduce time to trace

The Asset Transfer System provides an interface with ProvenAir that is designed to help ease back to birth trace. This simple yet intuitive interface is designed to reduce trace time, improve quality and accuracy, reduce manual effort and simplify your back to birth trace process.

Benefits of Asset Transfer System


Drive efficiency throughout the entire leased asset lifecycle


Maintain compliance and meet industry standards

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