HMI and SCADA for the Operator

Make the best decisions faster with web HMI

Take operations to the next level with GE Digital's proven HMI/SCADA solutions, powered by the Industrial Internet. Precisely monitor, control and visualize every aspect of your operations for intelligent control using new high-performance technology. With a quick glance, operators know what’s important and the right actions to drive increased efficiency and reduced costs. Need an industry-leading MES solution with your HMI/SCADA? Check out our Brilliant Manufacturing suite


Have you seen the new generation of HMI/SCADA?

Powerful Benefits with High-Performance Visibility

  1. 45%

    Lower energy costs
    Lower energy costs
    At Blaser Swisslube AG, real-time visualization and control systems ensure precision during manufacturing, filling and storing cooling lubricant – saving money and protecting the environment.
  2. 40%

    Faster troubleshooting
    Faster troubleshooting
    With GE Digital's software, Cornell speeds off-hours troubleshooting, increases energy savings, and boosts uptime. This Ivy League team sleeps better and enjoys weekends more with KPIs at their fingertips.
  3. 19

    Global Factories
    Global Factories
    Don’t think simply “black and round” when it comes to making tires. It takes intelligent tools to make a Pirelli tire. iFIX is the “Pirelli Standard” worldwide, meeting complex production challenges.
  4. Short-notice change delays
    Short-notice change delays
    What happens when you integrate your SAP, production control and warehouse management systems? Like Brüggen, you can optimize processes and order execution to meet highest priority business goals.
  5. 24/7

    Continuous processes
    Continuous processes
    Formellino Wastewater Treatment uses GE HMI/SCADA to improve water purification processes for better water quality and superior control of crucial river habitat parameters, round the clock.

    Suite Products

    Intelligent Alarming to Reduce Risks and Costs

    What does your HMI/SCADA software tell you?

    From proactive analysis to guiding operator response, modern alarming technologies use the IIoT’s connected systems, layered with new apps, to help eliminate alarm noise and confusion while driving the right corrective actions.

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    1. Efficient HMI/SCADA

      Efficient HMI/SCADA

      Increase efficiency by improving situational awareness and speeding operator response.
    2. Get Insights: Playback Capabilities

      Get Insights: Playback Capabilities

      Learn about historical playback within the Global Time Control in iFIX.
    3. Prevent Operator Mistakes

      Prevent Operator Mistakes

      Empower your operators to make decisions and speed the right response.
    4. Real-time Operational Intelligence

      Real-time Operational Intelligence

      Turn data into actionable information.


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      Brilliant Manufacturing


      A Better Way Forward for Manufacturers

      Our Brilliant Manufacturing software is the synthesis of more than two decades of working with the worlds most recognized brands in manufacturing and our own GE plants.


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