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iFIX HMI/SCADA Features and Functionality

Improve productivity and process control with industrial-strength SCADA and High Performance HMI

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High Performance iFIX HMI/SCADA increases productivity & control

iFIX  decreases development and deployment time and increases engineering, system integrator, and operator productivity.  Learn more about powerful iFIX HMI/SCADA's features and functionality.


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Powerful, industrial-strength iFIX SCADA software

iFIX Object orientation | iFIX HMI/SCADA

Speed development

iFIX’s Object Orientation in a centralized Web-based configuration environment allows users to quickly:


  • Connect to structured data sources like PLCs
  • Browse the PLC asset hierarchy as well as other IGS and OPC UA data sources 
  • Create objects, model templates such as tanks and pumps, instances of objects, and PDB tags
  • Use a modern Web-based structured database manager
  • Visualize iFIX pictures and graphical objects in model context.


You can significantly reduce configuration by automatically creating tags in iFIX and Proficy Historian.


With the unified configuration environment, you can access and manage the data from all of your iFIX nodes across your network from a single Web browser instance, using secure-by-design digital certificates and ensuring trust between the Web client and SCADA servers. Multiple HMI/SCADA developers can work simultaneously on the same project from a Web browser anywhere on the network. Audit logs and visualization clues track changes to help ensure compliance to your highest corporate standards.

iFIX HMI/SCADA from GE Digital | High performance HMI softwareiFIX HMI/SCADA from GE Digital | High performance HMI software

High Performance out of the box

To help engineers quickly create the right user experience, iFIX provides modern sample systems (Water/Wastewater, Food & Beverage) as well as predefined objects and templates designed using High Performance HMI concepts. 


Take advantage of rich, ISA standards-based capabilities such as High Performance Dynamos, alarm shelving, and model-based visualization that decrease development time and costs while improving operator response for higher uptime and quality.

iFIX HMI SCADA software by GE Digital | Highly extensible architecture | mobile worker screenshot

Visualization anywhere, any time

Thanks to our wide range of HTML5-compatible clients such as Proficy Webspace and Proficy Operations Hub, iFIX screens can be used to deliver information anywhere, any time, on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone – regardless of the form factor.

iFIX HMI/SCADA software from GE Digital | Secure by design software | screenshot

Secure-by-design technology

iFIX leverages open and secure standards such as OPC UA, digital certificates, and Web tokens, which means you can deploy with confidence.


Based on GE Digital’s Red Team Penetration testing, iFIX further reduces security risks with ACL permissions on files, shared memory and registry settings; awareness of install updates when upgrading through automatic prompts; and other improvements. Additionally, rely on GE Digital’s updated iFIX Secure Deployment Guide for best practice recommendations.

iFIX HMI/SCADA software from GE Digital | screenshot of intelligent alarming

Intelligent alarming

Even the best operators make mistakes, which can lead to higher costs and increased risk. Use modern alarming technologies to eliminate alarm noise by sending the alarms that matter and drive the right corrective actions through instructed prioritized alerts.

iFIX HMI SCADA software by GE Digital | Highly extensible architecture

Highly extensible architecture, hundreds of drivers

Maximize your options with HMI/SCADA that can extend-including iFIX embedded, stand-alone machine visualization, or a large networked system with many distributed clients and servers. No matter how complex the application, iFIX appears as a single, high performance integrated system.

Enhance Your SCADA with iFIX Productivity Tools | GE Digital | Screenshot

Enhance your operation with iFIX Productivity Tools

iFIX Productivity Tools are a suite of enhancements for iFIX that help lower the cost of ownership, improve usability, and make operations easier, faster, and more robust.

Enhance the performance of iFIX

Engineer using HMI/SCADA software from GE Digital

Other iFIX options to further improve operator efficiency

In addition to our industry-leading core iFIX technology, take advantage of a range of options that extend the capabilities even farther. From reporting to batch execution, iFIX has options to meet all of your needs and enable the High Performance operator.


Experience iFIX for yourself

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