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Dream Report for Proficy

Powerful reporting to help improve performance and meet operational goals

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HMI/SCADA in food manufacturing | GE Digital software

The reports you need—anytime, anywhere

Dream Report | HMI SCADA reporting | GE Digital | Screenshot

Built on modern technologies by Ocean Data Systems, Dream Report for Proficy from GE Digital is a real-time report generator with an easy, configurable user interface. Dream Report offers direct connectivity to GE Digital's software, so you can leverage your automation data to generate the reports you need to make the best operational decisions.


This powerful reporting software accesses open and proprietary archives and databases to generate professional reports by schedule, on event, or manually—then publishes and distributes the reports. The solution delivers Web-based reports management over the Internet via an integrated Web portal, enabling you to access generated reports, create new reports, and build Web-based interactive dynamic dashboards in minutes.

Benefits of Dream Report

Easy, fast reporting

An intuitive and easy interface enables fast project development and project maintenance with low engineering costs. You can develop reports without a single line of code. A secure-by-design Web portal enables access to important information for anyone at any place and any time.

Data extraction and analysis, and report design

Dream Report provides a user-friendly object library and it extracts statistics and analysis, providing the information you need quickly and easily. It can display data in multiple formats, such as tables, bars, pies, and charts, so that you can tailor the view. Dream Report also has an intuitive graphical editor, and you can create and save best-in-class reports as templates.

Report generation and distribution

With Dream Report, you can generate reports manually and automatically. In automatic mode, it can execute on event and on schedule, depending on your needs. Furthermore, you can automatically print, email, store, and publish reports over the Web.

Reports at your fingertips

Dream Report generates the following: Alarm reports • Audit trail reports • Batch reports • Compliance reports • Efficiency reports • Energy audits Electronic flow measurement • Federal regulatory reports • Laboratory information systems • Manufacturing execution system (MES) reports • Production reports • Quality reports • And more

Make better, faster decisions with Dream Report

Automated reports and dashboards

Dream Report | HMI SCADA reporting | GE Digital | Screenshot

Real-time operational intelligence

  • Improve performance, efficiency, and maintenance reporting to support your business goals
  • Generate reports on a schedule, by event, or manually
  • Create richer reports more easily and cost effectively—without programming or IT skills
  • Gain valuable insights with drill-down reporting functionality and data analysis
  • Enable faster compliance reporting with flexible report generation and distribution

Features of Dream Report

Dream Report | HMI SCADA reporting | GE Digital | Screenshot

New Version 4.83

  • GE Digital's 4.83 release includes enhancements from 4.81 and 4.82. Version 4.83 is required for working with iFIX 6.0 Long Tag Names. 4.83 enhancements include: report prioritization, CSV exports and imports, difference statistical function, enhanced automatic statistical table (AST), ODBC driver enhancements, step table enhancements, and web portal raw data export with delimiter selection.
  • Leading, real-time report generator that’s designed for industrial applications
  • Configurable, multi-language end user interface
  • Directly connect to GE Digital applications: iFIX, CIMPLICITY, Historian, and SmartSignal Classic
  • Web portal for viewing and interacting with reports
  • Secure-by-design technology, encrypted and protected
  • Easily export data to Microsoft Excel
  • Superior industry standards support: OPC DA, OPC AE, OPC HAD, ODBC, OLE-DB, Modbus, SNMP, BACnet, and more

Dream Report requirements

Dream Report | HMI SCADA reporting | GE Digital | Screenshot

Hardware requirements

  • CPU: Dual Core 2.4 GHz+
  • RAM: 8 Gb+
  • HDD: 1GB (for installation) minimum, 7,200 rpm or higher (or SSD)
  • Video adapter: Minimum memory 128 Mb
Dream Report | HMI SCADA reporting | GE Digital | Screenshot

Software requirements

OS support includes:


  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
  • Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008
  • Database support includes:
    • MS SQL Server 2016,
    • MS SQL Server 2005 Express, 2008 Express, 2012 Express (using ODBC SQL Native Client 11), 2014 Express (using ODBC SQL Native Client 11), 2016 Express (using ODBC SQL Native Client 11),
    • MS Access 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
    • MS SQL Server 2005, 2008
    • MS SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012 over ODBC SQL Native Client 11
    • MySQL 4.x and 5.x versions over ODBC driver 3.51, 5.1
    • Oracle 11, 12 over Oracle XE ODBC driver
  • Web browsers: Internet Explorer 10 and higher (IE 11 recommended), Edge, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera
  • Mobile operating systems: Android, iOS (both iPad and iPhone) and Windows Phone 8.1

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