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iFIX Productivity Tools

Lower the cost of ownership, improve usability, and make operations easier, faster, and more robust.

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Control room with iFIX Productivity Tools | GE DigitalControl room with iFIX Productivity Tools | GE Digital

Extend and accelerate the capabilities of iFIX

Enhance Your SCADA with iFIX Productivity Tools | GE Digital | Screenshot

Our HMI/SCADA solutions anticipate your operators’ needs, delivering precise information quickly and intuitively to support the best possible decision-making. With iFIX Productivity Tools, you can take advantage of a range of options that extend those outcomes even farther. iFIX Productivity Tools are a suite of enhancements for iFIX that help lower the cost of ownership, improve usability, and make operations easier, faster, and more robust.

Benefits of iFIX Productivity Tools

Lower total cost of ownership

Improve ease of use

Facilitate safer operations

Enhance operational intelligence

Extend the life of your iFIX system

Learn what's new


Watch this webinar to explore the benefits of iFIX Productivity Tools and what’s new including sample systems with templates to accelerate deployment as well as enhanced operations alarm management tools.

Features of iFIX Productivity Tools

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Intuitive navigation

The Productivity Tools Menu is simple and intuitive for users, providing a complete navigation system for iFIX. The menu includes recognizable functions like “Back", “Forward", “Home", and “Favorites” as the standard though it is completely user configurable. Users can navigate to any picture or iFIX configuration tool—database manager, workspace, or mission control—as long as they have access. This feature makes iFIX more user-friendly and easier to learn and operate for simpler, faster, and more efficient day-to-day operations.

Pan and Zoom
Pan and Zoom
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Pan-and-zoom picture interaction

Picture interaction enhancement enables operators to quickly transition between macro and micro overviews of all operations and connected sites. Operators can quickly and easily drill down into a specific site or area of the system to interact with individual devices or monitor smaller areas in detail. Productivity Tools screen interactions provide a more intuitive operator interface. These enhancements make operators more effective by avoiding information overload and enabling them to manage the information on screen, while quickly and easily having the ability to access detailed information.

Flexible picture sizing and arrangement | GE Digital's HMI/SCADA iFIX

Flexible picture sizing and arrangement

Drag to resize pictures to smaller than full screen. Open multiple pictures, then automatically size and position them to fill a single monitor using standard stacking options: tile, cascade, vertical stack, or horizontal stack. At workstations with multiple screens, operators can send pictures from one to screen to another. Options are available to send left, right, up, or down, depending on how you want to arrange screens.

Consistent control interface | HMI/SCADA iFIX screenshot

Consistent control interface

Operator dialogs provide a powerful and consistent interface for managing all types of devices and equipment. It is designed so that operators who have been shown how to manage one type of device will know how to manage all devices. Simply click on a device to open its pop-up operator dialog. All HMI/SCADA operations, such as issuing a control, attaching an equipment note, or disabling an alarm, are achieved using operator dialogs. Each type of field device has an operator dialog specific to its operational needs. Operator dialogs require no programming and are easily configured to meet all operational requirements

GE iFIX Productivity Tools | SCADA software screenshot | GE Digital


The notes system provides a secure-by-design space for operators to record and share information about specific devices, sites, pictures, or events. The intuitive and versatile interface enables users to record, edit, and update notes. Saving a note automatically documents and logs the revision in the note’s history with time, date, and user stamped. The note editor is secure-by-design and does not expose the SCADA computer’s file system to tampering. A summary list provides a record of all notes in the system with quick access to any note.

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Alarm management suite

A central role for any operator is the ability to quickly identify and address exception conditions within the system. A multitude of alarm notification and management functionality help increase operator awareness, reduce alarm flooding, decrease response time, and improve system reliability.

iFIX Productivity Tools | Screenshot | GE Digital


dbArchitect provides structure to an iFIX database, enabling users to visualize, manipulate, create, and maintain their iFIX database inside a single environment. dbArchitect also provides the ability to quickly replicate all of the iFIX data blocks needed for a single real-world device, such as a motor, pump, or valve. This process of creating a replicable template takes only seconds and can be applied from small devices up to larger plants such as pump stations, wellheads, tanks, or process lines. dbArchitect enables your organization to grow and accurately maintain an iFIX system across years and even personnel changes.

Advanced List Management | GE Digital HMI/SCADA iFIX

Advanced list management

All iFIX Productivity Tools lists use a single common control, providing consistent information delivery, for minimal configuration effort.

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Event list

The events list is a comprehensive and permanent record of HMI/SCADA activity. It includes a chronological and searchable record of operator actions and system activity such as alarms, operator actions and event messages. Operators can also add their observations to specific events or even their own text messages. With advanced filtering capabilities and quick filtering on location and device, it is easy to access historical events from any period. The events list helps with auditing operator actions for security and accountability.

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