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Proficy HMI / SCADA

Understanding and minimizing your HMI/SCADA system security gaps

Understanding and minimizing your HMI/SCADA system security gaps

What is your plan to assess and manage HMI/SCADA vulnerabilities?

Your HMI/SCADA is at the heart of your operation's data visualization. Take steps today to help reduce risk in manufacturing operations and utility plants.

In this white paper you will:

  • Understand critical infrastructure protection
  • Learn some steps to enhance Industrial Control System (ICS) and IIoT cyber security
  • Explore how to help de-risk SCADA server architecture, programmable logic controller (PLC) to HMI connection, MES, and more

Manufacturing automation software, operating, and data gateway system designs may require practices to reduce cybersecurity threats. The complexity of today's multi-layered technology infrastructure, supervisory control and data acquisition system interoperability, and remote access demands can present challenges, and companies need to follow expert guidance to secure industrial operations.

Download the report today and make sure you are doing what you can to tighten your operation's security.