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HMI/SCADA with iPower

Electric utility SCADA made easy

Utility engineer using iPower | GE Digital

Improve utility operations across the globe with iPower

iPower | HMI/SCADA for electric utilities | screenshot

Easily install and configure SCADA capabilities

To help electric utilities of all sizes, GE Digital offers two HMI/SCADA solutions, iFIX and CIMPLICITY, with iPower—a powerful software solution designed for electricity control room operations. iPower provides real-time data collection, database management, dynamic data display, and secure operator supervisory control. As a result, you can achieve safer operations and efficient network management.


iPower is an open, standards-based SCADA solution that’s easy to use and easy to own. It’s scalable from substation automation systems to complex computer networks in larger utility control rooms. With its intuitive operations and simplified maintenance, GE Digital’s HMI/ SCADA with iPower enables you to focus on core operational tasks for a sustainable advantage.

Benefits of iPower

Easy to configure

Developed with a range of tools that help make installation and configuration easier and quicker than other solutions, iPower is designed specifically for electric utilities to save valuable staff time and resources.

Quick to implement

Sophisticated tools automate iPower configuration, making it easy to implement accurate and consistent SCADA without the need for IT specialists.

Simple to maintain

Perform maintenance and troubleshooting with tools that are immediately intuitive to Microsoft Windows users.

Four types of applications for iPower

iPower | HMI/SCADA for electric utilities | screenshot

Substation automation/substation management

Act as a substation gateway or onsite substation management interface.

iPower | HMI/SCADA for electric utilities | screenshot

Electric utility control room SCADA

HMI/SCADA solution for electricity utilities. Full supervisory control and data acquisition over electrical smart devices and equipment.

iPower | HMI/SCADA for electric utilities | screenshot

Energy management for large energy users

Power monitoring and distribution control for heavy power utilization environments.

iPower | HMI/SCADA for electric utilities | screenshot

Operations and management of critical energy delivery

Power monitoring, backup power automation, and critical power delivery management for power dependent/high availability environments.

Dakota Electric Association

iPower offers full-featured, safe, reliable, and affordable SCADA suitable for distribution cooperatives of any size.”

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