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CIMPLICITY Operator Enablement

Speed response and reporting by enabling the modern, connected worker

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Speed response by enabling the modern, connected worker with CIMPLICITY software

Improve operator response with modern visualization


CIMPLICITY changes the HMI experience to enable decision support for the user.


The overall HMI layout is designed to provide users with the most informed, personalized view of the problem or task at hand – for faster response and fewer errors.


Additionally, sophisticated alarm management and escalation capabilities can assist operators to see and act on the alarms that matter, improving efficiency and reducing risk.

Operations Hub screenshot | GE Digital | HMI/SCADA

High Performance HMI & web-based dashboards

High Performance HMI, based on the ISA 101 standards, increases operator efficiency through better screens.


With a simple and consistent design, High Performance screens boost situational awareness, alarm detection, and productivity, while decreasing the risk of errors.


Operators and technicians recognize and understand information with greater ease and speed.


Need a web-based dashboard? Check out GE Digital’s Proficy Operations Hub, which integrates with CIMPLICITY.

Rich visualization

Enable your operator with visualization that speeds decision-making.


  • Tool bar menu
  • Tree control
  • Tab-based menu
  • Text-based menu


  • Quick Trends: Pop-up trends for any points on a screen
  • Real-time and historical trends

Additional Features

  • Dynamic Time Handling
  • Dynamic Measurement Systems: Dynamically switch between English and Metric units
  • Pallet
  • XY Plots: Plot multiple X-Y data
  • Action Calendar: Calendar-based control
  • Marquee/Marquee Manager: Display alarms and messages to marquee devices

Alarm management speeds response

CIMPLICITY SCADA software screenshot | alarm management

CIMPLICITY’s alarm management allows for critical definition of alarms to ensure operators are notified of issues. Enable key ISA 18.2 alarm management capabilities for reducing alarm noise.


  • Alarm Change Control
  • Alarm On/Off Delay
  • Alarm Cast: CIMPLICITY Alarm Cast provides paging and notification services based on CIMPLICITY alarms and events. It delivers real-time status messages to pagers, cell phones, BlackBerry devices, and PDAs.  The Alarm Cast system ties into the CIMPLICITY alarm engine to facilitate the configuration of notification from CIMPLICITY events.  Alarm Cast can be used on standalone CIMPLICITY systems or centralized to a common paging server for larger applications.
Dream Report | HMI SCADA reporting | GE Digital | Screenshot

Data management and reporting

Some HMI/SCADA solutions only provide a relational database, which does not meet the needs of today’s Internet-enabled organization.


For superior data management, CIMPLICITY features Proficy Historian, a proven plant-wide data historian.


  • Proficy Historian, Essentials version, is included with CIMPLICITY. Learn about Proficy Historian standard and enterprise versions to boost your data management capabilities even more.
  • SQL add on
  • Microsecond time stamps
  • Digital Graphic Replay (DGR) – review events in slow motion, real time or faster (up to 10x), and analyze graphically to eliminate errors
  • Report templates
  • Scrap Historical Data Analyzer
  • Dream Report

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