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Receive a credit when you upgrade from
Proficy Historian Essentials to Standard or Enterprise

Get your upgrade offer today!

Proficy Historian: Special Upgrade Offer

Proficy Historian provides powerful industrial time-series and A&E data collection | GE DIgital

Take advantage of savings to expand your Proficy Historian platform to meet your data management needs

Your GE Digital HMI/SCADA includes Proficy Historian – Essentials version.  By upgrading from Proficy Historian Essentials to Proficy Historian Standard or Enterprise, you get the additional capabilities that you need:

  • More tags
  • Greater connectivity and interfacing
  • Support for high availability and redundancy
  • Visualization with data analysis in context
  • Third-party cloud connectivity

That’s why GE Digital is providing a credit to Proficy Historian Essentials customers who upgrade to Proficy Historian Standard or Enterprise.

Get the instant savings and Proficy Historian footprint to drive digital transformation and make sense of data at your organization.

Find out about your instant savings!

Instant Savings on Proficy Historian Enterprise and Standard

When you upgrade from:

  • Proficy Historian Essentials:  Included with your GE Digital HMI/SCADA software

To one of the following:

  • Proficy Historian Standard:  For small and medium applications
  • Proficy Historian Enterprise:  For large applications

Get more value from your data with a Proficy Historian footprint that serves your true digital transformation and industrial data management requirements, leveraging a best-in-class historian at significantly lower license and maintenance costs compared to competitors.

Drive digital transformation with Proficy Historian Standard or Proficy Historian Enterprise

More Tags

Track more points of your operations.

Proficy Historian Essentials

1,000 tags maximum

Proficy Historian Standard

Scales to 50,000 tags

Proficy Historian Enterprise

Scales to 100 million tags

Look How We Scale

Our customers tell it best.  Check out our Proficy Historian customer stories.

Procter & Gamble






Greater Connectivity

Connect to more software and equipment for full process integration.

Proficy Historian Essentials

Several standard Collectors (iFIX, OPC DA)

Proficy Historian Standard

Most standard Collectors (iFIX, OPC DA/HDA/UA, OSI PI, MQTT, ODBC, etc), REST API and OPC UA server. Collector toolkit, Calculation and Server-to-Server Collector are available as an option.

Proficy Historian Enterprise

Includes everything in Standard plus Collector toolkit, Server-to-Server Collector, Calculation Collector, and third-party cloud connectivity

Learn more about Collector Management

More Capabilities

Increase your Proficy Historian footprint to accelerate digital transformation.

Proficy Historian Essentials

SCADA buffer (2500 tags, 200 days), 5 data stores, 2 CALs

Proficy Historian Standard

5 data stores, SCADA buffer, 2500 CALs

Proficy Historian Enterprise

Everything in Standard plus support for server horizontal scalability and mirroring for significant architecture flexibility on a single license, and 20 data stores (option for max data stores = 200)

Learn more about Data Stores

Modern Visualization

With Proficy Historian, users have the ability to analyze data in context via Proficy Operations Hub’s Historian Analysis run-time application, which is licensed without additional cost with Proficy Historian Standard and Enterprise (Versions 8.0 and later).

The combination of Proficy Historian and Proficy Operations Hub provides a powerful data management solution with asset model context and visualization.

Users receive:

  • Data aggregation across multiple sources or historians
  • Ability to define an asset model including tag mapping
  • Advanced trend analysis 

With an additional option, users gain the flexibility to build their own HTML5-based applications.

Learn more about Proficy Operations Hub

Software for food & beverage manufacturing | GE Digital

Learn More about the combination of Proficy Historian and Proficy Operations Hub

The combination of Proficy Historian and Proficy Operations Hub provides a powerful data management solution with asset model context and visualization.