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CIMPLICITY Development & Connectivity

Accelerate development with modern HMI/SCADA tools

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CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA to accelerate development and deploy solutions faster

Rapid development tools for faster time to value

CIMPLICITY SCADA software screenshot | alarm management


Deploy solutions faster with powerful new RAD tools including OPC UA auto-discovery, which significantly speeds database creation from OPC UA data sources.


CIMPLICITY also introduces a Classes/Objects browser for animations and expressions and improves Smart Object building capabilities with enhancements to reduce or eliminate scripting.


With CIMPLICITY, you can employ object-oriented design for easy repeatability and faster time-to-value through modeled context.


You can use classes and objects to build a structured database quickly. Modeling capabilities in CIMPLICITY allow you to create templated applications for repeatable assets, further speeding configuration.

CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA Provides Plant-Wide Visualization


Save time with repeatability. CIMPLICITY provides powerful tools for building your application quickly.


Discover and build: Discover you OPC DA and OPC UA data sources and devices, select which tags or which data objects in the case of OPC UA, and automatically build your database.


Object oriented: CIMPLICITY allows you to define classes (object types) such as devices areas, etc. define what attributes and variables, the alarm settings, and what display options such as entire displays or graphical objects.


By creating your object instances, it will automatically create the database points, configure alarms, and allow you to drag onto a screen to create the associated graphics enabling you to save significant time and leverage repeatable applications.

CIMPLICITY SCADA software screenshot | alarm management | GE Digital

Libraries and Objects

Save time and increase consistency.


Smart objects

CIMPLICITY comes with a rich set of predefined graphical objects for quickly assembling displays. This includes common ISA symbols, meters, pumps, piping tools, and much more. You can use existing objects or build using the rich animation tools to create your own library.


Linked objects

Create a common master library for your project. When using linked objects, changes to the master version are automatically propagated to all the screens. Use this capability to quickly change common symbols, colors and more.

CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA from GE Digital offers one of the richest HMI/SCADA feature sets

Automatic Scaling and Declutter

Vector-based graphics: CIMPLICITY’s graphics are vector based to automatically scale to any display resolution. This means you don’t need to recreate your displays whether using on a low-resolution monitor or on an ultra HD 8K monitor. Stretch displays across multiple monitors and create large canvases.


Pan/Zoom/Declutter: CIMPLICITY allows for zooming into areas of the screen. You can create large displays and zoom into the areas. The zoom-level can then be used to declutter. 


Other development capabilities and tools: Application Wizard /Project Wizard, Integrated Development Environment, Navigation Bar, CIMLayout, Layout Tool, Long Point Names, Menu System, Dynamic Language Switching, Languages, Logic Oriented approach, VisiconX Tools, and Fluent Interface Technology.

Leverage standards for best practices and interoperability

CIMPLICITY delivers a standards-based open ecosystem for superior interoperability and the foundation for IoT. CIMPLICITY reflects GE Digital’s commitment to OPC UA, ISA 18.2, ISA 101, and more.

Superior connectivity and IT tools

CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA Provides Plant-Wide Visualization

Out of the box, CIMPLICITY can act as an OPC DA and OPC UA client and server allowing you to get data from common devices and other systems and allow business system to retrieve data from the CIMPLICITY server.


CIMPLICITY also includes a rich set of protocols for common PLCs. Industrial Gateway Server allows for connectivity to over 200 devices.


  • Object model
  • Client server modeling
  • OPC and OPC UA including OPC browser
  • Drivers: Built-in drivers including Reflective Memory Card Driver, Native drivers, Industrial Gateway Server (IGS)
  • Windows Domain Integration
  • Communication Encryption
  • Database management: Proficy Historian
  • Achilles certification: Robust coding practices and secure configuration guidance (Achilles Practices/IEC 62443) make CIMPLICITY the SCADA of choice to help meet the most demanding security requirements
CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA to accelerate development and deploy solutions faster

Extensibility to enhance your specific solution

CIMPLICITY offers the extensibility to develop the solution for your specific application.


Our extensibility capabilities include:


  • Basic Control Engine plus server-side scripting
  • Python scripting for extensibility and ease of use for System Integrators
  • .NET support
  • VB support
  • APIs
  • Integrator Toolkit: Ease of commissioning with point control panel, point cross reference, and application deployment

Let GE Digital help you accelerate development with modern HMI/SCADA tools