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Scalable clients

CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA OPC UA connectivity and security | GE Digital

CIMPLICITY Viewers get their data from the server via a project broadcast. This methodology provides the highest scalability as clients are not continually polling the server for data, putting load on both the client and server PC.


Instead, clients capture data changes from the server and can intelligently only process the graphics that have data changes. This allows for highly responsive displays, reduced network traffic and the ability to support hundreds of clients on a single server.


Several other SCADA vendors are still using a polling mechanism between the clients and the server. The client is continually asking for data from the server, causing additional load on the server. Each client adds load to the server reducing the overall scalability of the system.  CIMPLICITY can still operate using polling if required, but the broadcast is enabled by default due to its high performance.

CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA Provides Plant-Wide Visualization

In the control room, at the machine/line, or on the go

CIMPLICITY client options include:


  • Thick Client: Traditional displays are fast and responsive. Use the thick client displays for manned control rooms, or clients that require performance and response.
  • Proficy Webspace: Take your CIMPLICITY displays and make them available via web browsers, tables and mobile phones, enabling remote operations.
  • Terminal Services from Microsoft: Fully supported for remote operations and remote development capabilities.
  • Proficy Operations Hub: With this web-based application builder, you can host CIMPLICITY screens in web applications leveraging the Webspace widget with the ability to change context. You can use this functionality to centralize operations and leverage dashboarding capabilities in Proficy Operations Hub.
  • Broadcast option

Let GE Digital help you with visualization where and when you need it